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According to Dividends: U.S. Entering Recession

FreeThinkerGuy Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 12:00 AM
Interesting that Clinton himself said that raising taxes was a mistake. You may remember that Clinton and the Congress also cut the cap gains tax in 1997 (do I hear a liberal "gasp?"). Regardless, Clinton happened to preside when the first Repub Congress in over 40 years came to power and when the internet boom started. You may have forgotten about the little crash that started under Clinton's watch at the end of that boom resulting in Bush seeking tax rate reductions, which eventually resulted in the largest tax collections in US history in 2007. Better to get your facts straight. P S- don't misunderstand - Bush was an awful prez. In fact, he governed like a Dem.

Last month, we stumbled across a unique potential indicator for measuring the current health of the U.S. economy: the number of publicly-traded U.S. companies acting to cut their dividend payments each month.

Since then, we now have data for two additional months, July and August 2012. Our chart below, focusing on the number of U.S. companies declaring that they will acto to decrease their dividends in each month since January 2004.

The chart represents data collected and published by Standard and Poor for U.S. companies whose common stock is traded on...

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