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Better than belonging to destroy our AAA credit party/ make America the weak superpower of the world party.
You forgot $6,000,000,000,000
Pulling the race card makes you a racist in your own fashion. It's 2013 man! Come on! And if by GW, you mean George Washington, you need to be slapped in the face.
If you believe that a poll this early holds substance, you my friend are a complete moron
Hahahaha, only a true moron would believe Reid's statement while actually evaluating that statement. WOW
I suggest you read a few history books and see where your "left wing" idea's lead.
Low info voters will vote for whoever is giving them "free stuff", out of our wallets my friend.
How many statistically proven failed programs do i have to pay for???
Progressive movement is composed of : 1. Liberals 2. Homosexuals 3. Eccentric personnel/ 18-25 yr. olds 4. Somehow american muslims 5. Minorities Bottom line is republicans, libertarians, Tea Party enthusiasts, and conservatives who believe in the constitution must quit separating themselves from one another. 4.
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