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I have already heard from one Liberal Poster on another forum that this is all the fault of the Republicans who are out of ideas and refused to compromise with the President on the Obamacare Bill forcing him to take what he could get or get nothing. I asked if he was aware that the Democrats own it lock, stock, and barrel because they wrote it with little to no input from Republicans and passed it without any Republican Votes….His answer…”yes, because Republicans are out of ideas and won’t compromise”. I do believe that Liberals are missing some connections in their synapsis which can at times make them as dumb as a box of rocks!
So we have never been vulnerable to a good old fashion invasion? Don’t bring up the War of 1812 and the British burning of the Nation’s Capital. A dynamic free market wealth creation factory coupled with military might second to none with the unchallenged ability to project it anywhere in the world and backstopped by an armed civilian population of free people seems to have been the formula that made us invulnerable to invasion since 1812, but not invulnerable to attack. Are there organized efforts to change any or all portions of that dynamic? DoctorRoy’s political/economic ideology holds the answer to that. We adopt it at our own peril.
Albedo sounds strikingly similar to Libido. Surely AL Gore could work both could into a New Wave Rap extoling the virtue of reflected horniness and sound really-really intellectual in keeping with his established persona.
Krugman is no more than a dishonest political hack to whom truth is a malleable thing indeed. If the truth puts him at a political disadvantage his obvious response is to build an alternative truth and work mightily to sell it as if it is the original item. That there are dishonest and dishonorable men of that sort is not as scary as the mental illness that allows them to actually convince themselves the imposter truth of their own invention is actual truth. Krugman is delusional.
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Unions Slump on Bad Obama Bet

Free Man3 Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 7:59 PM
The skilled trade unions do themselves no favors by aligning with and supporting low skilled soda jerks, bra salesmen, pencil pushing file clerks, and performers of repetitive assembly line work. Even the Skilled Trades Guilds could be easily replaced with State Licensing and certificates to engage in that profession much like Pharmacists, Doctors, and CPAs. Of course those with Skilled Trade Licenses should carry an individual personal liability for failure to perform up to standards when their bridge falls down or their inferior work lets the face of a building land in the street crushing little kids on their way to school (just threw in that last bit for the fun of it.)
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The 25th Annual No Pants Senate

Free Man3 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 4:10 AM
Sorry John, but I have been around long enough and watched fool and foolishness long enough that I can dismiss these freaks as nothing more than freaks like those when I thought that black and white oxfords made me cool. (Yeah, I was a freak in black and white oxfords and even had the correct aqua and white jacket).What I didn’t have was the illusion that it was anything other than an effort to impress and bed Donna and /or Ellen, which as it turned out was a wishful thinking illusion). I sure hope that these freaks and the media that is covering them don’t think it is any more important to how the world turns on its axis than was my white oxfords were.
To the purveyor of weasel words: The term Illegal Alien defines nothing more than the legal status of being in this country illegally in violation of national law. It makes no assumption of the individual’s worth as a human. The individual will define his own worth to society by how he adheres to or violates the established law and norms of the society in which he functions. Cut your emotional stuff. That someone may love him and respect him, and that he may be a nice guy is irrelevant to, and has no effect on his legal status. An Illegal Alien is an Illegal Alien.
Continued: Out here in flyover country we see taxing away capital as being akin to eating a bigger part of the seed corn stock while sitting with a dopy cross-eyed look on the face trying to figure out why there are fewer acres of corn planted each year.
Ericynot asked why capital gains should not be taxed at the same rate as all other income. Taxing away Capital Gains sounds like a “fair” thing to do unless you realize that what you are taxing away is Capital for future private sector investment in the economy. (That investment can be both in facilities and machinery that create jobs, and in consumer goods that require jobs to produce and to maintain. Yachts, private aircraft, BMWs, and garage elevators don’t build and maintain themselves. People with jobs do the building and maintaining.) Out here in flyover country we see taxing away capital as being akin to eating a bigger part of the seed corn stock while sitting with a dopy cross-eyed look on the face trying to figure out why there a
Just shut up and eat your peas.
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Our Fake, Fair President

Free Man3 Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 11:45 PM
Every member of our communities pay a bit for the roads and infrastructure that are built upon the infrastructure those previous generations paid for and used and which will be the basis for the next generation to maintain and expand and thrive. Only a stupid ideologue would attempt to say that only the business owner benefits from infrastructure paid for and built by everyone one of us including the business, mostly at the local level, for the personal benefit of all of us. What that Leftist ideologue chooses to ignore is that unless the businessman/woman is willing to risk the money and to spend the time and effort to build the factory at the end of that road, that road goes nowhere. Yeah he built it.
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