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I don't care what she "feels" about Illegal Aliens working in the the USA. What does the Law say about it. That is all that matters. Complying with and enforcing the Law is her only job. If she can't or won't do that, she has no business in the Office of Attorney General. This is not rocket science.
Please excuse me, but do I not have a right to elaborately hate the control freaks that know, with certainty that they have the right to limit a free American Citizen's right to make their own decisions? And yes, I hat them at a level that is barely controlled.
I assume that to have raised a Liberal - Progressive Dead Head, they must believe in abortion...Sandra F just lucked out that mamma was in the “keeping it” mood.
This article brings on the most important question of the day: If Sandra Fluke pontificated to an empty house and there was no media there to indulge and promote her, would she still appear as stupid and irrelevant as she is?
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Next Time, Try Rogaine

Free Man3 Wrote: Dec 08, 2014 4:13 PM
I can't help but see a comparison of being nabbed by the Police for trying to feed the family by selling, un-taxed cigs, without a city retail license, one at a time to people who can't afford a carton or a pack at a time because of the King's Taxes, to being nabbed for taking the King's Deer to feed the starving family. The root of both problems lays with the greatly offended King.
Our long running trade deficits are the evidence of the outward flow of the previously accumulate wealth of our nation even as our government policies assure it will not be replaced with wealth derived from domestic exploration of our natural resources and their smoke stack production into consumer goods. Our use of debt and deficits to artificially sustain retail purchases, more and more of which are produced outside this country, is evidence of pledging future (and ever declining) wealth production to maintain the illusion that we are not destitute and further assures us and our posterity an ever declining standard of living, steadily moving us toward a national economic collapse. In our politically correct world, we are choosing to ignore from where the wealth in a nation actually originates which is in production of raw materials all the way through to marketable products. Paul Krugman is a highly credentialed wishful thinking economic nincompoop.
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It's Our Turn

Free Man3 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 4:21 AM
Is there any precedent for requiring a President and his advisers to register as enemies of the Nation?
You have to admire the good work that Obama/Clinton/Kerry have done over the past 5 and a half years to restore US power, respect, and influence to keep a lid on the aggressive nature of our enemies out of respect for and fear of our power. It is amazing what can be done by showing you are more than willing to betray allies and appease enemies. The world is in turmoil, threatening wars, and active wars at every flash point. Good job Obama.
So, we have tipped past the 50% mark? Who you going to vote for? The guy who will assure you he will continue to feed you or the guy who says the cure to the problem is to stop feeding you and see that you go to work when the system is set to have no work? The rational answer to that says we are fast and surely on our way out as a Nation able to sustain itself. It has been a good ride, but keep your powder dry.
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Mass Casualties in Obama's War on War

Free Man3 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 3:53 AM
Sorry friend, but it was people just like you that assured that WWII would result in 20,000,000 deaths because they didn't have the balls to confront the evil when it would have cost far less. I fully expect Obama and those of your ilk to assure us that we will have peace in our times by capitulating to that evil. Liberals never learn from history, guaranteeing that it will be repeated. No wonder rational people hate them. Freedom isn't free and becomes far more expensive when Liberals are involved.
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