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Great article. Rubio has gone to the Chuck U., McLame side.
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Palin Electrifies CPAC Crowd

freefromlibs Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 9:09 PM
Palin is the new Conservative Party. Congratulation to Katie on winning.
The NAACP pulled a ESPN on Tim Scott. Scott is a good decent man who could have ended up in gangs, but instead another man from a business called Chik-fil-a took him under his wing and today Mr. Scott is Senator Scott and nobody owns him he is a free man. The NAACP can't understand that concept.
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freefromlibs Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 8:51 AM
Looks like Justice Bork got the last laugh or should we say Justice Bork, borked the democrats in the end. Justice Kennedy now sits in that Supreme Court.
So why won't the Rich pay more? The "taxes" in this bill are for INCOME EARNERS NOT ASSET HOLDERS BIG difference. Income earners are pple trying to obtain the American dream, asset holders are pple that are already rich. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Don't worry they will come for the asset holder money too. Communist always gets everything in the end. The rich don't get richer in communism, the poor don't get richer eventually everyone just gets poorer.
Face it we are doomed these guys are running this country into the ground and the dummies that voted them in are rooting them on. I say keep your head down, run for the hills and hopefully come out when these idiots have been taxed broke and cut the bums off.
Thank you for giving Justice Bork a tribute. In a media that gives coverage to one of their own for an entire week, sobs relentlessly for a drunken killer of a senator but doesn't have the dignity to give a proper tribute to a man that should have been a Supreme Court Justice. Thank you. The liberals should really take this as a actions have consequences - Justice Kennedy now sits where Bork would have sat and a vacant seat would be now.
I love this topic, I think video games where the person is actually putting themselves in these scenarios must have some kind of long term affect. There is no consequences to their actions, except to hit reset or restart . I've never played, but I have watched people obsess over these games for hours, no human interaction.
Why do we think the government that created this "fiscal cliff" in now capable of solving it or stopping us from going over it? I say we go over, get it over with. Maybe then we will finally understand votes and spending have consequences.
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What Went Wrong Last Tuesday

freefromlibs Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 2:50 PM
Star you are one of my favorite commentators. Call me stupid but I really thought racism was over in America, not because Obama was elected but because of the idea of freedom. I see people who don't want to work but that is an American problem not a skin color problem. On Nov. 8, 2012 when I looked at the numbers of votes in Philadelphia (not 1 Mitt Romney vote), I woke up. I am sad, I now see things different. What a strange set back all because of the color of skin of the President of the United States of America. Racism comes in all colors.
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