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Exactly correct ...RIA! Virtually every domestic problem area is connected to 'Big Government' gone awry! And we reduce the size of the 'honey pot' by cutting taxes. BTW, Crony Capitalism isn't Capitalism ...it's Fascism! Let's start electing citizen leaders instead of professional politicians as many if not most of the Founders themselves were and as they envisioned for us. Too many current elected officials at the national and state levels have never been successful in the 'real world'. Our ability to choose 'Statesmen' instead of 'Politicians' would be vastly improved if principled success in the Private Sector was the most important characteristic for high public office. A Romney, Carson or Fiorino would be light years more capable than an Obama or Clinton with this standard. And with this standard, the US today would be 10 times more economically, socially, and culturally advanced than we are today!
Regarding "It may be true that the Right wing politics are somewhat heartless...", you have drunk the cool aid with 'Right Wing politics! Conservative thinking and leadership is right of Leftism, Progressivism, Socialism, Fascism, Islamism and current Democratic Party leadership...but it is squarely in the middle of what the Founders had in mind for us! And the true heartless ideology is the bigoted kind that has led to countless citizens throwing away their God given freedoms and civil rights for a 'free lunch'! Political compassion for our fellow man starts and ends with equal opportunity and a level playing field for all...not equality of results! Private sector compassion is what Jesus prescribed, and it works easily and naturally through the willing heart of good people...not at the point of a gun. Any American can better themselves by working hard and working smart...still and yet. And the most successful among us will apply a 'fair share' to lifting up the poor and downtrodden. The Golden Age of Charity in this nation was the 1890's ...before the Progressives took control of our nation, when all taxes were less than 10% of GNP. Now after 100+ years of Progressivism, and taxes for the most successful at 50% plus and rising, the poor are just as plentiful as ever and most are locked in a multi-generational condition of servitude on the Progressive Plantation ...Thanks to the Democrat Party...and the RINO's in the Republican Party!
Dear Viper - Sorry to say this... but I suspect that the purpose for that feature on WH.Gov is to give the Obama Administration a 'clear shot' identifier to who among us is a potential terrorist! You know ...those who '...are bitter clingers to their guns and Bibles!'. Don't be surprised if you are now the subject of an IRS audit, or some other such federal government abuse of power. Besides, it is the states that have the authority to do what you want in this case...the Founders (in the Constitution) have already given us this power. Your petition just signals to the Left that maybe you don't know that and will accept their prerogative in such matters. I hope you take that petition down...so hundreds of other fellow 'True Patriots' don't also become targets of this administration.
Dear Mr Meyers - You are on the right track, but if I can be so bold... you are only hitting 1/3 of the problem here with 'Culture'. The other 2/3 rds. are: 'Main Stream Media' (which you partially address) and 'Education', and 'Free Market solutions' are available to capture all three... if we can just get organized! I have outlined these three issues and the solutions in my forthcoming new book, but since it is not yet published I would be willing to share with you the 'Campaign' that would 'Take Back America' and make it once again the country our Founders envisioned, Just email me if you wish to open up such a dialogue/line of communication?! It has taken over a century for the left to 'Own!' so much of America. Taking it back will require a coordinated and principled effort...not from the top down...but from the bottom up...or the middle out. But, if we get started now...a generation from now we will have a country that is once again 'A shining city on a hill!" and 'American Exceptionalism' will once again be recognized around the world!
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Obama's State of Disunion

Freedom Wizard Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 9:10 AM
Understanding Obama and what he says and does is easy Just visualize what is right and good and just for the US and the rest of the people in this world. Then know that he is doing just the opposite as often as possible! It amazes me that after 6 years the vast majority of Americans still think he loves this country and wants to do right by her! The last thing Obama wants to do is fulfill the dreams of the Founding Fathers...and protect and defend the Constitution. Rather, Obama is about fulfilling the dreams of his father...a committed Marxist! We will survive this imposter because America's heart beats strong...like thunder in the night. Then we must firmly resolve to never allow such...ever again!
Max, you and Retired in Argentina (below) are exactly right! Economies are not 'Zero Sum Games', unless they are Keynesian and/or Socialistic/Fascistic. Free Economies are indubitably NOT Zero Sum...they are magnificent ‘Wealth Building’ enterprises. Higher gas prices were the straw that broke the camels back in the 2008 recession (on top of the Clinton Administration 'Housing Bubble'...thanks to Raines, Johnson Gorlick and the entire Democratic Congressional assemblage that refused to allow necessary Bush reforms at Fanny and Freddy!) Lower gas prices now are the equivalent of a huge tax break for every family and thus a harbinger of a booming ‘Wealth Building’ economy to come...unless Obama and the Democrats again get their way and force us back into a 'Zero Sum' government induced tax and spend wasteland!
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The Conservative Catharsis

Freedom Wizard Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 11:52 AM
No 'Conservative' I know considers Jeb Bush a viable conservative presidential candidate and only Coolidge and Reagan were conservative presidents to anyone now alive. Walker and Carson might prove their conservative mettle, given the chance. But it is very doubtful ...barring a miracle ...that either of these gentlemen, or anyone similar will ever again reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I say that because the systemic conditions directing public opinion and thus voting patterns now extant are so biased that conservative truths are like a whisper to the progressive/leftist bullhorn. Unfortunately, the Left controls the bull horn in the West so it matters not how brilliantly the truth of any issue is phrased or who speaks it, it is not heard except by a perceptive and relative few. Cradle to grave leftist indoctrination, first by government schools and followed up by the MSM's near total control of the news and PC public opinion will keep the truth tellers forever trying to catch up to and knock down Leftist lies and half- truths! The miracle that I believe could change this will require leadership, strategic thinking and effort of a kind we have not seen since the Revolution, But with God's help it can be done via a grassroots effort using free market principles. Only if and when we regain parental control of education (via Choice/Vouchers!), and hold the MSM accountable for its half- truths and lies (via Free Market forces/boycotts!), will Western Civilization & the American Idea, regain its prior ascendancy. Unless and until then, the truth will not be universally heard, and a Conservative Revolution will not be witnessed no matter how brilliantly the truth is phrased or who is speaking it, and we are just 'whistling past the graveyard in the dark'...to think otherwise! A century of advances by the Left...and gradual capitulation by the citizenry has left us in this mess. To think it can be turned around in less than a generation or two, in an election or two without an all out effort spearheaded by 'We The People'...is pure folly!
John - Why do you say "Republicans want government in the bedroom!"? I know of no Republican who wants that. I know many however who believe that the most important government duty is to protect the weakest among us against those who would do them harm...and nothing is more harmful than killing...and no one is weaker than a baby in the womb! You are right about the 'Oligarchs',...but again they are not Republicans, but Democrats 'ideologically' if they support amnesty...as does the 'Chamber of Commerce' and Big Business! The above are two lies that the MSM perpetuate and that would make Joseph Goebbels proud. The MSM is the 'Marketing Arm' of the Democratic Party and have a near monopoly on misinformation and propagandizing the American people. They really don't need your assistance! Otherwise...you made some good points... I thought.
Right on...and Amen! Lord Acton said as much... "Power tends to corrupt and complete power corrupts completely"! Any 'Brat' or 'Suspended Adolescent' given money and power will destroy everything in his path for his short term pleasure. He doesn't have to be a 'Narcissist' to do this very successfully...but when the most powerful man in the world is ...he does...as "Our founding fathers weep..."!
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What 2014 Means for 2016

Freedom Wizard Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 1:00 PM
R's did well in the last election only because Obama is so bad! If R leadership thinks this will carry over into 2016 they are wrong. Their action last night indicates they do believe this... and so we can kiss 2016...and every election thereafter... goodbye. Unless there is a 'palace coup within the R ranks...immediately! The only thing that can save this country from D leadership into perpetuity is principled...not RINO...R leadership! Unfortunately the RINO's control the R Party and so principled leadership will not be forthcoming. We will only get more 'Go along to get along' D lite action from the R's because 'their power' is more important to them than the 'American people' are. Folks I really hate to say this but...we are screwed. Unless...as I said...principled leadership comes forward and ousts the RINO's...immediately!
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