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Reid should be in prison along with Obama. They can share a cell and talk about how they almost screwed up the entire country.
Send Obama back to whatever fake place he is from. Time to clean house.
This moronic "man" creates this situation, then he wants 2B bucks to send them back? Why do we have to pay for this? Send them back the way they came, and let their countries, who by the way we give plenty of money to, pay to take their slime back.
It is all a distraction JK. We have the most corrupt, scandalous and unqualified president in the history of the US. If Bergdahl wasn't a traitor to the military, he'd still be bowing to Mecca from his cell. Obama is deplorable.
It will be a day to declare it a holiday, when this administration is dissolved and incarcerated. Here is the point Susan Rice, traitors should be dealt with:
Interesting they use hundreds of law enforcement people to arrest some cows and a farmer, but not to protect the border. Go figure.
"What difference does it make?" Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi!!!! What we need is that thing as commander in chief.
I'm not going to say what I was thinking.
After 8 years of Obama a Hillary Clinton administration would be this country's worst night mare come true.
Time for the IRS to cough up all the relevant evidence. No more stonewalling! Although, look who oversees the IRS, Eric Holder.
An act of love? So all the murderers, rapists and thieves come here out of love? Please do me a favor and don't run for any office anymore. Thank you.
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