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Chuckie Schumer is a waste of human skin, he was a crybaby corrupt congressman, NY was stupid enough to elect him to the Senate, then again, look at the mayor of NYC, Fuhrer DeBlasio is the king of commies. Pitiful, what the Democrats are doing to NY, and trying to do to the country.
One thing I have to hand Fuhrer DeBlasio, he didn't hide his disdain for all that is good in America. He's lived his life in a way most people think is traitorous and out of touch. Well NYers you chose to elect this socialist putz and his wannabe pathetic wife to run your city. Good luck, NYC is on it's way to becoming Detroit.
This sounds like extortion to me Chuckie.
Ewwwww so evil, so he is willing to destroy the entire US either way. Disgusting despicable traitor.
Chrissie looks like he's been crying. Only way to reign in the travesty that liberals have brought us to. It's absolutely sickening.
Oh there are plenty of other racists Obama can choose for this powerful position. How about Al Sharpton?
Don't be amazed at the growing outrage at Obama aamouse, many Americans are slow, it's the dumbing down of America.
I would bet Danny Faulkner doesn't think the man who helped to spare Wesley Cook's life is impeccable? Wonder how much Debo donated to the Obama campaign?
Impeccable qualifications for who?
Sorry Brian but you have it backwards, it's those controlling, poverty slaves, big government loving and tax raising Democrats who deserve a big HEIL. Now take your ball and go back to Democrat Underground. Pathetic!
Are people really this stupid? It's hard to believe.
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