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The more 0bama talks, the more everyone realizes what a horrendous president he is. If his lips are moving, he's lying, that's the rule of thumb.
But But But Obama said Al Qaeda is on the run. Is that another lie?
Hum Didda Hum Didda Hum the dog at Lois's hard drive.
So I guess this will be a legitimate investigation? UN is a laughing stock, you have no power, you are a bunch of Anti-American sleazeballs.
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The New York Times's Amnesty Lies

Freebie214 Wrote: Aug 11, 2014 1:11 PM
The NY Slimes is slime, they care nothing about real news, only to pass on Obama's destroy America agenda. It's time for people to stop buying their papers for anything other then cat litter boxes.
The disgusting Obamas, sickening.
I agree, well said. We just had 750 illegals snuck into our state in the middle of the night, without any notification to anyone. It's obvious Obama has plans to destroy the US as we know it.
Every whiny terrorist complaint and lie is the truth to Obama. Stay out of other country's business, you can't even take care of the US, you're an unqualified, self centered, diva who has done nothing but mooched favors off corrupt politicians, you're deplorable.
This conflict has been like a giant Public Relations War. What doesn't the White House understand about collateral damage? How many children and "innocent" adults were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq? Obama just shut your piehole, you're a deplorable lying POS.
The woman is obviously too old and mentally incompetent to be on the Supreme Court, but thinking about who Obama might pick is just too scary for words, I figure someone like Angela Davis or some other criminal.
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