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Can we defund the White House and throw out the trash.
Am I the only one to ask why it took 12 years to come out? And why now? Sounds like a Carville/Begala type of deal has their finger prints all over it.
When will the country wake up! What does it take for all you complacent people to realize our country is being taken away from us? I'm looking forward to giving the new Congress a chance, but there has to be substantial changes. I'm figuring 0bama is going to veto most everything, because he wants to change the country from the inside out and turn us into a country of illegal aliens.
We are heading in that direction, bring back Giuliani! Impeach DeBlasio!!!!
McAuliffe never should have won in the first place, that dumb libertarian aka liberal democrat candidate screwed up the election. The Va. State Senate will kill it!
I'm happy Alan is home, but why was he imprisoned in the first place? So as usual we release convicted felons, terrorists and spies? 0bama is an imbecile for the millionth time.
Don't forget the real money she got for her fake Indian heritage.
Thank Goodness you aren't running, you phony old lib. Tell us about your bogus Indian roots and how you stole government money for your own benefit. POS.
Don't run McCain, you'll only ruin 2016, you're a RINO.
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