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I'm happy Alan is home, but why was he imprisoned in the first place? So as usual we release convicted felons, terrorists and spies? 0bama is an imbecile for the millionth time.
Don't forget the real money she got for her fake Indian heritage.
Thank Goodness you aren't running, you phony old lib. Tell us about your bogus Indian roots and how you stole government money for your own benefit. POS.
Don't run McCain, you'll only ruin 2016, you're a RINO.
NJ is a ridiculously stupid state.
Sue 0bama! Deplorable POS.
The problem is: gutless unprincipled Republicans, and a deplorable administration in the White House. Ted Cruz for President!!!!
Ummmm are all the little youngsters going to have to eat Moooochelle approved lunch?
Yes, Barbara take yourself out of our misery, not that Governor Moonbeam will appoint anyone worthwhile nor are most of Californians smart enough to vote out an entire party, but we've seen enough of you, you're sickening.
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