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Pro-Abortionist: Stop Using the Terms Baby and Unborn Child Because They're Just Cells

Free_to_Be_You_and_Me Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 9:03 PM
I would think it would. Me too. As for following Heathen ways, awesome. I love early medieval history. I'm always amazed how long it took for the Scandanavian countries to become Christian. As for howWell, you can imagine how it makes me feel!

Progressives are masters at changing the definitions of words either to hide or push an agenda. The issue of abortion is no different. In a new piece by George Lakoff called The Sacredness of Life and Liberty, Lakoff teaches progressives that they shouldn't be using terms like baby or unborn child to describe "cells" in the womb. Lakoff also rails against the Texas GOP for daring to use the words pain or victim to describe the condition of the unborn child cells during abortion. And yes, Lakoff calls for the use of the word "abortion" to be abolished...