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There are a few things Obama does well. Golf isn't one of them. Apparently neither is basketball, leading the country in a time of continuing crisis. The things he does well? Alienating a nation with divisive language and policies, converting more people from middle class to the poor class with his corporatist economic policies, fund raising, rewarding his campaign contributors with tax payer money (but I repeat myself), and implementing his racialist policies through executive branch agencies and the DOJ all in the name of social justice. Just to name a few.
It's part of the progressive constitution: "Party for and of the rich... ." It's not your father's democratic party anymore! DEFINITION: Corporate Cronyism = Corporatism = Fascism
Barack Obama knows exactly what he is doing as the Community Organizer in Chief. As an ideologically minded progressive his actions and comments as president were quite predictable. This is the fundamental change he had in mind... anarchy. It gives the advantage to those who - like Obama himself - do not hold to the tenants of the US Constitution. This is the way progressives act when in charge. They incite the "foot soldiers" of Occupy Wall Street, union thugs, community organizations and other fringe group allies like the New Black Panther Party, Move On and all that to protest in the street and burn down businesses and attack police. Progressives incite the fringe elements of society then claim no responsible for their actions. These scum who pretend to be the leaders of American politics are cowards. Shame on the Sharptons, Holders and DeBlasio's of American politics. A special shame on the Community Organizer in Chief Barack Obama. Your legacy is assured as the worst president in the history of this great republic.
I believe they are referred to as "useful idiots" by leftists (no longer referred to as communists).
However there is hope yet, "Joe the Plumber" was the only one to call Barack Obama out.
Over time Americans have lost the ability to critically listen. The best example of this phenomenon was when Barack Obama as a candidate in 2008 made all sorts of promises. The most famous being to "fundamentally change America" and no one, not the MSM or conservative press called him out on it. We cannot have critical thinking without critical listening. I blame it on the decades old trend of increased mass marketing. People stop listening and they are not being selective about it. Listen for sensible content in any commercial or mass marketing scheme and you will find none. Staples has completely infuriated me when they stopped mailing discount coupons for recycling ink cartridges in favor of emailing the coupons. Once they got my email address I would receive no less than one piece of spam every day not knowing whether a discount coupon was included for my recycling efforts. The reason Staples moved to email (so they say) is because "your time is more precious than having to go to the mailbox." This is complete nonsense. Who hires these guys to do their marketing? We should receive daily marketing nonsense through email instead? Mass marketing politics is the worst mass marketing scheme around. Period! These campus petitions show how the idea that people are receiving an education in college is complete hokum. It's no wonder some refer to our educational system as "moron factories."
The number 1 liberal truth and probably the only liberal truth of 2014 is... “I am not on the ballot this fall. But make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.” -- Barack Obama Mark down October 2, 2014 as a historical day where Barack Obama actually made a factual statement.
Obama has no need for the police. He basically sees them as tools of colonialism and would be slave owners of the 21st century. This is why Joanne Chesimard was not even a consideration to normalizing relations with Cuba. Obama and the Castro brothers are of like minded and share the ideology of tyrannical socialism. Obama's relationship with radicals should now be obvious to the MSM but they still remain loyal to him and mum is the word. Chesimard will not be returned to he US for the murder of a NJ State Police Officer. Obama just doesn't care.
Can't win at the polls... see you in court. Typical democrat.
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America's Next President

Free_Markets_Free_People Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 7:43 AM
We are closer to the edge of self destruction since the civil war. One more progressive ideologue and America will be lost for at least a generation.
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