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I believe a grand juror investigation is private until a decision whether or not to prosecute is made. Further, there is no defense in these proceedings, only the prosecting attorney's evidence. The prosecutor selects the facts to develop as strong a case as possible. It's probably that the reason Perry asked for the district attorney's resignation from the ethic unit was not fully explored. The juror's comment referring to Perry's perspective as spin seems to expose a certain bias on their part. The grand jury indictment should now be dropped. Besides who but a democrat would ever use the court system as a means of punishing someone politically? Over the exercise of a constitutionally legal veto? Ethics unit. Who is the one ethically challenged here?
Let's be clear even Obama thinks Lois is an idiot.
Why do conservatives think Lois is stupid?
I don't think he blamed God so much as he showed his ignorance of God.
What Christie said wasn't newsworthy. Now if he went to the boardwalk in Seaside and crammed down a dozen donuts I might think differently.
Republican political careers have been destroyed for far less.
I wish there was a Krogers near me.
Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Iran. They are all godless terrorists.
Narcissists cannot conceive that anyone is important other than themselves. They never met a mirror they didn't admire.
A distinction without a difference anymore.
I'm thinking WW1. But it was the League of Nations that stunk up the joint. Hitler was a 1930s creation easily gaining power because of the Great Depression and hyper-inflation of the Deutsche mark.
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