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So then Taft what you are saying is that you are sexist?
Taft is now having problems stating an unfounded oinion as facts. You're beginning to lose the argument.
Wow. One month in and no jobs bill. Barack Obama 6 years and counting and no jobs.
So in your opinion who are the Nazis? Who are the one's trying to gather more centralized power to themselves? HINT: It ain't the Republicans.
DEFINITION FASCISM = CORPORATISM Sure you can call it crony capitalism, but it doesn't hide the fact that what the Obama administration is practicing is Corporatism. A rose by any other name... .
The left always uses smear campaigns, because their ideas are bankrupt.
That may be true, but it also describes the community organizing left in America yesterday, today and tomorrow. That OWS was a grass roots organization (Nancy Pelosi) and supported by Barack Obama himself. Or better yet how the Obama administration didn't "let a crisis go to waste" (Rahm Emanuel). Don't forget that Barack Obama counseled and gave classes to ACORN. You know the organization which went under because of massive corruption and fraud.
Taft. You are correct that is silly. It's America itself that Obama hates.
It's not difficult to "demonize" as you put it when you use the words out of peoples' mouths against them. They demonize themselves.
Then why does he not believe in American Exceptionalism or that feels we're a bunch of rubes "clinging to our guns and religion"? Why does he bad mouth America at every possible chance? Or why not honor the US Constitution that he took an oath to uphold? Why is he tying the hands of the military? Why does he want to "fundamentally transform America"? That's not even to mention Michele's attitude for decades about the country. Never proud of America until her husband was nominated to be Presidential candidate. Pullease! I could go on, but I think most people get it.
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