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Socialism vs. freedom. Go for it!
Of all things; anyone who has a rudimentary understanding of statistics knows that drawing a conclusion based on a 0.02C increase with a margin of error +/- 0.1C is not only poor analysis but junk science. With a margin of error over 10 times greater than the change?!!? With this level of intellect it's a wonder that all the rockets in NASA's inventory don't explode upon launch. Maybe the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) should step in and educate NASA on the effect that this level of error would produce on a lunar landing (ex: landing on the moon would have missed by only 18,000 miles). Those who are advocating this fraud from NASA should be fired for incompetence at best. But then again it plays into Barack - science in it's rightful place - Obama's political narrative of "man made" global warming. Maybe Obama should be put on the next NASA rocket to - your guess is as good as NASA's - who knows where? Bon voyage.
That's some Secretary of State we got. Sheesh! This is a Saturday Night Live skit... right? The idea that all we need is a therapeutic session with James Taylor and the radical Islamists will see the light and surrender. Either that or this is a prime example of how out of touch progressives really are.
Michael Moore doesn't understand the sacrifice it takes to remain free. Neither do the idiot actors of "The Interview" who felt that it was courageous for people to see their stupid movie and was somehow a victory for freedom of speech. That's not courage. That's opportunism. Give me a break.
This is such a bonus for the government and the democrats who claim to be out for the little guy. Add Obamacare into the mix with rationed health care. People will die earlier due to poor or non-existent health services. Their estates will be available that much sooner for the government's (read democrats) grubby little hands. Nancy Pelosi put it best when she said a few years ago where the money the American people earn isn't theirs, that it really belongs to the government. What is theirs is what the government allows them to keep. That's the democrats for you.
When are we going to speak plainly about President Obama? For six years now he has made common cause with enemies of the United States both foreign and domestic. His party, the Democratic Party and the MSM has run interference for him with no reservations whatsoever. No remorse over peddling Obama's lies and excuses. None! Period! This along with his Imperial Presidency with complete disdain for his oath of office and the US Constitution needs to be the constant drum beat until the 2016 election. The media... all media available needs to be bold in declaring the policies (past and present) of this administration are antithetical to what it means to be an American. The media needs to give a brief history from Obama's apology tour of the Muslim countries, Fast 'n Furious, IRS and other alphabet soup scandals, leading from behind, unconstitutional executive orders, racialist DOJ policies, driving divisiveness in his speeches and general contempt for the American people. The media needs to begin a campaign of truth building to a crescendo in 2016. Implicate the Democratic Party and the MSM as the primary enabler in the political destruction of a once great nation. It's not a very hard thing to do.
Jimmy Carter is "sort of" bitter ever since he lost the election to Ronald Reagan. Carter is a meddler.
How many log in names does Lois have now?
Obama only meddles in the affairs of Americans and US allies. Russia has nothing to be concerned about here.
What do Barack Obama and Kim jong un have in common? They hate free speech. Think the IRS prosecution of conservative speech.
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