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There ought to be a law. Don't people realize that dinosaurs and sasquatch are on the endangered species list?
Thinking is alright as long as you don't use your brain! At least the professor practices what she preaches. LOL.
The only thing to add to Michael Barone's article is that all this was very predictable; a failed presidency of epic proportions.
Does anyone take this president seriously anymore?
I always say know what you believe and why you believe. I feel that there is too much knee-jerk "conservatives". These are people who adopt what appears to be conservative views, however they are views poorly articulated for whatever reason. I wonder if some of your friends fit this description.
Barack Obama would not have been reelected if he didn't fabricate a story and lie through his teeth to the American people. Progressives always lie. They can't get elected any other way.
Well that's a bit beyond progressive. I'm visiting Seattle this week where there is a statue of Vladimir Lenin in the Freemont section. I guess not much can be done, but I was amuse that someone dipped hhis left hand in red paint for all those broken eggs to create the workers paradise. Progressive thinking whether Hitler, Lenin or Stalin is responsible for most all human suffering of the 20th century. Now they want to force abortions on Hobby Lobby.
I don't know why progressives (democratic party) feel they rule the universe. Why don't they just be honest for once and pass a law that says the government will provide everything that no one else is willing to do? For whatever reason. See how that'll fly with the American people. After all that's where we are headed.
I thought that the "birth control" mandate was a regulation created by Kathleen Sebilius and the right to opt out was a creation of Barack Obama. That none of this is in the actual law passed.
Facts are stubborn things.
The federal government is exempt from the environmental regulations everyone else is forced to obey under fear of criminal prosecution. The federal government is also the worst polluter of the environment.
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