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11. OBAMA FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMS AMERICA President Obama claims to love America so much that he is keeping his campaign pledge to not just tweak American society - the most just in the world today - but to fundamentally transform it to the most divided. Obama recently said that, "I am a fan of Rahm Emanuel. That is why I am campaigning for him. He's tackled some tough issues and opened my eyes to the idea that we should never let a crisis go to waste." After the crisis on Wall Street, Obama has manufactured one crisis after another, from "Fast and Furious" to Ben Ghazi to the IRS targeting Obama's political opponents. "The most important and fundamental change of course is the Affordable care Act which is pretty well mucked up", said Obama. "You might say it wasn't shovel ready." (laughter)
So you're saying his leadership as commander in chief has been poetic? LOL
The Democratic Party has been dominated by progressives for a few decades and has been moving towards militant partisanship for awhile. Nancy, Harry and Barack Obama view the 2014 elections as illegitimate and the party leftists are pulling out all the stops trying to imbed the Democratic Party as the permanent party. Like it or not.
My apologies to Taft regarding demonizing, although those are his words I quote. Elucidated needs to take note for fear that his/her own words can be used against them. Elucidated needs to know that name calling is not an argument either.
Taft, See how demonizing works? Using ones' own words against them. You have been demonized by the words out of your own mouth.
It's been fun reading how the progressive just can't help but tie themselves in a knot over the "ineptitude*" of President Barack Obama trying to defend his destruction of America. It's also very sad. * Ineptitude in quotes for a reason. The destruction seems more purposeful than ineptness.
Is Taft a sexist? After I posted a litany of Barack Obama's own words to show his lovelessness (how's that for a word) toward America the only thing Taft could say regarding Michele Obama's comments regarding America was "Women say foolish things about their husbands all the time." Which of course shows that first Taft cannot respond to most what was written, but has shown himself to be sexist on top of it.
So then Taft what you are saying is that you are sexist?
Taft is now having problems stating an unfounded oinion as facts. You're beginning to lose the argument.
Wow. One month in and no jobs bill. Barack Obama 6 years and counting and no jobs.
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