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From the man who promised to "restore science to its rightful place, and wield technology's wonders to raise health care's quality and lower its cost." "I shook hands with, hugged, and kissed... the nurses at Emory. I felt perfectly safe." Well there's scientific evidence if ever there was and at lower cost! Whoa wait a minute, was it a sloppy kiss or just one of those cheek things the French like to do? Headline in Scientific American: EBOLA NOT TO BE FEARED: OBAMA DECLARES SCIENCE SETTLED Since Obama has tamed the seas, healed the planet and mandated science to be settled through an executive order I have two simple questions. When will I get my $2500 government healthcare savings check? Since the US government is some $17,000,000,000,000 (that's trillion) in debt who will cash this rubber check for me?
Democrats believe the end justifies the means. That's why they lie so much. And what are the ends which they believe so hardily in? Winning... obviously at any cost. How noble. If democrats ever told the truth they would lose every election.
Forget about these polls, what about the WMD that were found in Iraq and reported by the New York Times? That's right. The hammer which the democrats have been using on GWB regarding WMD. The "Bush lied children died" mantra proves itself to be a lie. A BIG lie. Will the democrats tank even further because of this new revelation? Or will the MSM somehow spin this into another Obama foreign policy success?!!? The Pentagon has been sitting on this information since 2004. The question is why?
NEWS FLASH: NYT reports Iraq had WMD after all. The Pentagon found WMD as early as 2004 and kept the information a secret.
You've heard of the "low information voter." Also think "No Information Voter." That's who Windy is trying to appeal to.
Apparently she isn't serious about running for governor. She just wants to win the optics war.
Only Democrats would call an increase in funding a budget cut. Thanks to Obamacare the epidemiology and laboratory capacity is wanting. Instead of blaming Republicans repealing Obamacare which drains so much resources away is the fix "we have all been waiting for." I would start by transferring funds from the "Community Transformation Grant" (aka Democrat voter enrollment at health centers among other things). An Executive Order would do nicely here.
No surprise here. When the government runs social programs of which Obamacare is one of many, they get politicized. The taxpaying public is not served well by this administration.
Ben Affleck is welcome to whatever views on Islam that he wants. His mistake is to take offense rather than acknowledge when it is pointed out that radical Islam, Jihadists, Islamists and their kind was birthed through Islam. Another example of leftist idiocy is RFK Jr, who has stated in public that anyone who questions global warming beliefs should be on trial alongside war criminals and thrown in prison. This is the fundamental problem with progressives. There is no other valid view other than their own.
For bobbit: I meant laborforce not workforce. It is an oxymoron that the government describes anyone looking for a job employed or not is in the laborforce.
Labor participation rates at an all time low. Counting the U6 the total unemployment rate is between 12-13%. The Hill says the real unemployment rate is around 18% as of July 2014. The US government bureaucracies are managed through the executive branch and they bend over backwards to represent Obama's progressive worldview. If anyone needs proof of this all one needs to do is reflect on the Obama scandals and the rosy picture Obama paints of them by blaming others and never taking responsibility. Then there are the scandals and lots of dead people.
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