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Bakeries are not a public institution and are not required to make an accommodation.
I understand the sentiment but this is just stupid. It just aggravates and perpetuates the division we are experiencing in America today based on intolerance. I understand the progressives believe that "the ends justifies the means", hence their intolerance. I have no sympathy for these activists or others who would exercise intolerance to get even with them. It's a no win. That being said this is not the only baker in town and the decision against him by the gay couple should never been brought forward and the activist judge should have thrown it out based on this reality. This case just shows the intolerance of another's beliefs by narcissistic gay activists who feel the need to be accepted. I feel the baker is doing the right thing by going through the court on the first amendment principle which allows him the right to exercise his religious beliefs in a practical manner.
Our President Barack Obama seems to have made common cause with the enemies of America.
So who is doing all the demonizing?
Seth Rogan declares that watching his movie the Interview a victory of freedom of speech... remains silent on the Obama administration jailing of film maker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula for offending Muslims with video.
Headline: Obama Declares Ben Ghazi Where an American Ambassador Was Executed A Fake Controversy Sub-Head: Claims Republicans Demonize His Take on Video Which Caused Spontaneous Riot
This is a real winner for progressives who see government controlling the economy as a desirable thing. Government will forgive all debt through an Obama EO. Those who's debt is forgiven will claim it as income on their taxes and the IRS will collect these taxes. It's a twofer. Income redistribution and increased government revenue. A real winner. Another twofer is the evil bankers will go under and millions will lose their jobs increasing government dependents. It's a progressives wet dream.
Obama saying... "Although I added to the debt by $10,000,000,000,000 (trillion) that number is meaningless. We can always have the Federal Reserve just print more money. Still the deficit is down thanks mostly to me and the Affordable Care Act which has added more revenue inflows through higher taxes on the average person." "We have - once again - a great opportunity to increase government revenues by taxing energy to make up for falling prices at the pump." While the economy (still on life support) is growing at a faster rate than any year (actually just one quarter due to consumer windfall) of my predecessor's failed presidency we can increase taxes on energy and the taxpayer will hardly notice." "As I promised when running for office in 2008 energy 'will need to necessarily become more expensive.' Not only because of climate change but as a means to improve the economy. I said back then 'there are things only the government can do move the economy' in the right direction." "My policies of more taxes have proven this to be true and we need to double down on these policies so the economy will continue to grow." "So let's increase taxes on the average person and watch the economy roar!" (Democrats wildly applause. Standing ovation)
So the idea of a free college education is like saying... "We have given up on the public school system as a failure. Even so in the name of fairness we need to continue to support teachers with more pay and secure their generous taxpayer funded retirement. (After all they are a democratic stronghold.)" "Now let's not quibble over this or any other failed government institution such as the IRS or VA, but rather let's look to the future with enthusiasm. Out of fairness I propose a taxpayer funded system offering two more years of education free to those who have earned it." "This remedial education will allow those who cannot afford a superior private education as my daughters daughters Natasha and Malia to remain living in their parents basement with minimal government taxpayer funded financial support." "This is not only fair, but the right thing to do to lift up those who have been unfairly held down by my predecessors failed policies."
The two new expressions are pretty accurate if you use them together with one slight modification. He's a pretty "impressive dictator" wannabe.
MH: "I recommend you read the multiple independent investigations carried out in the UK and US that concluded that there was no "scandal". You don't even have to google them, here are a few..." If there was no scandal then why suppress peer review?
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