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PHRASE DEFINITION with some variation: "This is not who we are as a people" = (to do so is) unpatriotic --Barack Obama Community Organizer in Chief
Three known and confessed terrorists are water boarded. Between 500 and 1000 innocent people killed by Obama's drones. Which is more ethical? You decide.
If the world would open up to free market capitalism then tyrannies would diminish. This is one of the motivations of the democrats and the Obama WH in particular. Diminish the middle class to zero by strangling the American economy through overt regulation and increased taxes. It is a proven formula to gain control over a free people.
Anyone who is - or has been - a spokesman for the Obama WH always has a job with the Rolling Stone.
HEADLINE: Obama Tried to Open Up Talks With...North Korea and Failed... as with everything else.
So - using semantics - Obama (and the MSM) can claim that George W Bush issued more executive orders as if all executive orders were equal and as far reaching which they are not. Non-sequitur coming. Obama is not an anti-semantite, however there is question as to whether he may be an anti-Semite.
If properly reported Ferguson can become the turning point for the better in our great country. The question is will the racial charlatans and progressive anarchists be seen for what they are? Will America stand up? GoFundMe is a positive which needs to more exposure showing Americans as compassionate. OWS and the "New Black Panther Party" needs to be reported more frequently for what they represent. Al Sharpton needs more honest media exposure along with the racialist policies of Barack Obama and the DOJs Eric Holder. DEFINITION of an Oxymoron: Eric Holder's "Department of Justice"
As I said their names may have changed but their methods remain the same. It's time to teach history and civics in the public schools instead of the revisionist version which is so popular these days..
Hasn't anyone made the connection between the "Occupy Wall Street" (OWS) thugs and the destruction of Ferguson by outsiders? The people who set Ferguson on fire are the same. They are the "quasi-military arm" of ideological progressives in the same manner as the KKK was for the democratic party. The names have changed but their goal is the same. The once great Democratic Party has been over run by progressives and Barack Obama - as the community organizer in chief - gives voice to their aim to "fundamentally transform America." DEFINITION: fundamental change = totalitarianism see the October Revolution 1917
Referring to Feinstein and her ilk, they are like "Occupy Wall Street" crowd trying to run Wall Street. Everything would tank, which is exactly what has happened to America since 2008. Democrats are nothing more than a bunch of community organizers trying to run a country.
I wouldn't restore the filibuster. Democrats need to feel the pain they have caused the American people. I'm sure the democrats feel the filibuster rule should be reimposed now that the republicans are going to be in charge of the Senate. A little late for buyers remorse wouldn't you say? If the democrats win next election cycle they will change the rules back to favor themselves. So what purpose would it serve to bring back the filibuster? To show how the republicans stand for decorum where the democrats stand for "win at all costs?" Pull-lease! It's just not right to have two separate rules for the same game. Americans get it. Do the democrats?
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