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You misspoke. You mean he lies like a Persian mullah.
I believe Obama is telling the truth when he says he loves his daughters.
Bush stopped playing golf soon after 911. Eisenhower played more golf. But what's your point? Golf?!!? It is the only "criticism" you can defend of the failed Obama administration. Period! (Sound familiar?) Who cares whether he plays golf? I mean really! Golf is an emblematic comment dripping with sarcasm of the Obama presidency and its' massive failure of progressive politics and policies on the backs of the dwindling middle class.
scratch the last line.
Oh yeah, and according to this mythological figure "The One" he will have ended two wars responsibly. God help us! IN OTHER NEWS Radical Islam continues to grow at a faster rate than before the Obama administration. Obama blames Bush's policies of creating an atmosphere of hostility towards Islam after 3,000 Americans were incinerated on 911. Russia continues to press the Ukraine to surrender, and China is due to take over possession of the South China Sea with increased naval power while the US is close to balancing the budget with drastic military cuts including the VA. The local police have not changed their ways according to an Obama spokesman. The president put out a statement saying, "They are still to be feared even more than the KKK at its peak of popularity among the same typical white folks who cling to their Bibles and guns." North Korea gives SONY its biggest marketing tool ever while the White House sits back and claims that Islam is the religion of peace. "The federal government expansion is your friend", says the President while touting "big business is on notice" putting Santa out of the free gift giving business. "Let me be clear, Santa's unfair labor practices could no longer be tolerated. With the full power at my disposal I directed my administrations admirable and tireless workers at the IRS to put him in prison for income tax evasion. His unfair labor practice could no longer be tolerated." The local police which need to be feared
Say what you want about Sanders, but unlike Obama he won't hide the fact that he believes in bigger more intrusive government. Or hide behind Valerie Jarrett's skirt.
This was a tough choice of personal sacrifice for Barack Obama this Christmas Season. Whether to visit the troops overseas or play golf. I see he made the wise choice (in his mind) and visited the troops overseas and played golf. The man just can't do anything right, can he? Meanwhile John McCain went to Kabul. Based on this observation it should be obvious to Obama critics that "The One" is just so much smarter than everyone else.
That should read "Hollywood types".
DEFINITION: Self absorbed infantilism = Hollywood
Wow! Watching the Interview is a gift of freedom?!!? How pathetic Hollywood types are. They have little to no appreciation this Christmas of the tremendous sacrifices our armed forces make 365 days a year to protect the freedom which Hollywood trivializes. I want to thank our men and women in uniform today; wish them safety and a quick return to their loved ones back home in our great country, The United States of America.
There are a few things Obama does well. Golf isn't one of them. Apparently neither is basketball, leading the country in a time of continuing crisis. The things he does well? Alienating a nation with divisive language and policies, converting more people from middle class to the poor class with his corporatist economic policies, fund raising, rewarding his campaign contributors with tax payer money (but I repeat myself), and implementing his racialist policies through executive branch agencies and the DOJ all in the name of social justice. Just to name a few.
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