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Republicans aren't angels that's for sure, but next to democrats they look like saints.
2008-2014 GOVERNMENT OWNS THE GREAT RECESSION: All you have to do is look up the pages of regulations created before the 30s and the explosion of regulations in the thirties and exponential growth since to confirm how government is the biggest impediment to a free market economy. Obamacare is proof of that. The Keystone XL pipeline which would create tens of thousands of jobs is held up because of Warren Buffet's Northern Burlington Rail system. Environmentalism is the petina, but the truth is Buffet stands to make a killing in outmoded delivery system which is more damaging to the environment than any pipeline ever was. (A rhetorical question is just exactly how will Obama profit through his transigence while in office? Ask Warren Buffet.) So here we are over 130 years later (since 1879) and the government still can't get the delivery system of choice right. Do we really want government involved in what shouold be a thriving free market?
1930's GOVERNMENT OWNS THE GREAT DEPRESSION: Government regulation became the means of controlling the economy in the 1930s and continues to this day with Obamacare. In the thirties think Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and you won't be far off where the government put the creation and transmission of electricity by private industry out of business through draconian regulation. The justification was "only government should be in control of power electrification". People today still believe the myth that the rural areas of the nation wouldn't have power if not for government. Nothing could be further from the truth as Commonwealth & Southern was a successful rural electrification enterprise until the government regulation destroyed the business. Government used the failed Commonwealth & Southern enterprise as further justification to continue with the TVA projects; which until then was a failed government money pit. Today it is hailed as a big government success by progressives, the very people who destroyed a thriving free market enterprise of rural electrification.
GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS (bad for the economy): LATE 1800's The first pipeline of importance was built in 1879 for delivery from the field to refineries. Kerosene was the product of value in those days. Before the pipeline oil was first delivered in wooden barrels in wagons by Teamsters then the railraod by tanker cars. Tanker cars were able to deliver a greater volume as demand for the product was increasing. The Teamsters tried petitioning the government to regulate the railroad industry to protect their jobs. Later the railroad industry did the same to prevent the pipelines from being built. In both cases sabotage was employed as an alternative to stop free market progress in the transportation of oil. Both regulatory and efforts to sabotage failed. Rockefeller - who BTW paid his employees very well - built the first major pipelines to bring his product to market at a reduced price. He was no longer beholden to the railroad monopoly extortionist fees for transportation.
Republicans need to do what they can now and have a successful congressional legislative session acting on those things they can which is popular such as deregulation to spur on the economy, and defense (foreign policy objectives). Let Obama's true colors show through the veto and his bitter intransigence. Regroup on the recent themes (of this election cycle) for the 2016 election and hammer home the failures of the Obama administration and his democrat allies in congress to the fullest extent so they cannot be ignored by the American voters.
Good to see that you put "bitter clingers" in quotes because nothing can be further from the truth. These patriotic Americans that BO referred to were able to smell the stench of his policies (in 2008) from two counties away.
This was known in 2010 when the discussion over healthcare was in the news. Then Scott Brown won the special election for Ted Kennedy's seat to give the democrats a vote shy to close a republican filibuster (budget implication). Then the Senate chicanery took place. I believe they called it reconciliation. This has been at least three times the American people have voted to defeat Obamacare. How many times do the American voters need to send this unambiguous message to congress? In this case it appears that genuine "Hope & Change" cannot take place until the democrats lose total power. Corruption aside the basic difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats crave power so much they are blind, and the Republicans although seek power have a greater respect for the US Constitution.
If Nancy Pelosi is an indicator of the miserable democratic party performance. Judging how the House democrat numbers have continued to slip then Harry Reid's Senate democrat numbers will also fall next election.
Misplaced loyalty. Loyal to America first and last.
BARACK OBAMA (chuckles): I have a pen and a phone. I have executive authority. I have the US Constitution - snickers - on my side. I have set out my demands and all the republican congress has to do is - find within their caucus a compromise that - meet my demands. I mean after all, I won. My mandate is bigger than their puny little pi$$ ant victory in the 2014 mid term. This is the most transparent and ethical presidency. There is nothing more I can do to convince the republicans that I am right and they are wrong. If the republican's want a fight, I will give it to them. I have compromised with them too much as it is. They need to perform their constitutional duties and follow my direction.
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