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Since Obama gets (doesn't get) "bad" news the same way you and I do he probably just found out about Mosab Yousef. According to Obama what disqualifies Yousef from staying in the US is that he arrived legally, will pay taxes, probably apply for citizenship and God forbid vote republican.
The MSM will do one of two things. They either ignore Mosab Yousef or try to discredit him since he converted to Christianity.
Ditto! Don't you hate it when that happens? ;o)
I've been saying for years now, the democratic party gave birth to the KKK in response to the south losing the Civil War. The KKK served as the paramilitary army for that traitorous party.
I think Obama will act unconstitutionally just before congress recess. This will increase the anger and frustration of republicans to the glee of the traitorous democratic party. Confusion will increase and DC legislative authority will be undermined further creating an ever increasing angry electorate. Obama will blame republicans for not being reasonable by not making the effort of working with him and the MSM will carry his water for him. Obama loves to divide people. It's what gets him off. All planned in the background by Allinsky like ideologues who reside in the executive office. As Rahm is famous for saying, "Never let a crisis go to waste!" The Whitehouse following true to form has created enough crises (that's plural). Now it's time for them to act and fundamentally change the America they hate!
President Zero getting ready to further destroy the US Constitution.
Michael Barone is an even tempered and thoughtful writer. Let's hope his observations are correct.
Service awards to terrorists. Well it's easy to see why she's a democrat.
That's how petty. Believe me Michelle Obama's plea isn't pretty. It's petty.
Equal pay? Immigration reform? Raise minimum wage? Women's rights to abortion on demand? The Mid-east is burning from Syria to Iraq to Libya to Israel. The Russian Bear is on the prowl. Iran will soon go nuclear. Our borders are being overrun because the president unlawfully ignores immigration laws and has sent the signal from the Oval Office that he believes in open borders. The scandals from the IRS to DOJ (remember fast and furious?) to Ben Ghazi and about a dozen more from the executive branch. An economy that can't get off the floor. All the golf and fund raisers. Equal pay, immigration, minimum wage and abortion. How pretty. How small.
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