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Here's what passes these days as critical thought. Brought to you by boy wonder Barack Obama himself. Barack Obama: The republican budget plan is a "stinkburger" or a "meanwich". You'd think the speech was given to kindergartners. It was given to college students.
Jimmy Fallon's comments although funny are actually quite a sad commentary of Barack Obama presidency. I remember when we had presidents who took the office seriously and were true leaders. What passes as "leadership" today is just so pathetic. This is what you get from a person who thinks of himself as a community leader and exhibits disdain for the office and his predecessors.
The debate isn't over. Not unless Obama is going to have a coronation. Is there a mirror he can walk past without pausing to look at himself?
So I guess this means that Gov. Tomblin isn't pro life then doesn't it? MSM: When is a liar not a liar? When he's a democrat.
As far as Syria is concerned, Barack Obama has obligated for three years now. That boat sailed in 2011.
...and what exactly did Barack Obama say? "Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. We are the ones we've been waiting for.
Barack Obama offers reassurances. Give me break!
I remember when democrats were up in arms when their policies were criticized. They were indignant and claimed their patriotism was being impugned. Of course Senate leader Harry Reid on the Senate floor no less directly accuses the Koch brothers of being un-American and unpatriotic. So I guess it's okay to claim that democrats like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are un-American and unpatriotic for thrashing the US Constitution. After all isn't adherence to the Constitution the most basic test of patriotism?
New MSNBC slogan was recently changed from "Forward" to "More snark than any other 'news' organization." It's just a sure sign when someone attacks looks, intelligence, motives (fill in the blank) they don't have an argument they can rationally defend.
Obamacare at lowest since passing? Nancy Pelosi: I don't get it. Harry Reid: it's pretty obvious the unpatriotic Koch brothers are behind all of this. President Obama: I'm as popular as ever. The American people love me.
Personally I think the headline is a little over the top. Anyone going to a rally to cause controversy is going to be unwelcomed. Right or left. No matter. I went to the CeasefirePA website to check them out regarding their gun violence aims. Their premise is a bit screwed up. Without going through the details of rational argument let's just say that their view is a gun legally purchased becomes an illegal gun when used in a crime. CeasefirePA wants to ban illegal guns. This is their cause and effect argument to ban all guns. So the mental defective will need to find other means to kill.
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