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The only sincere thing I heard from either Barack or Michele Obama was when Michele said, "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change." Yeah right. Some change.
I think Charles Manson has him beat. Not by much though.
Barack Obama: “As Americans we draw strength from you. Your love is the ultimate rebuke to those who attacked us.” IN OTHER NEWS: Citizen of the world Barack Obama continues his assault on the US Constitution.
Historically Hitler used terror against Jews (Kristallnacht), and Stalin used it to get rid of perceived (real or imagined) enemies. State terrorism is the tool of the left. Ever since the democratic party has been dominated by progressives it has increasingly used political terms that could be deemed as political terrorism. Obama has used the full weight of the US government against those who do not agree with his politics to back up such rhetoric.
This is all I could find so far (from FoxNews): After leaving Baghdad, Kerry’s diplomatic drive will center on building regional support for a global coalition to combat ISIS. He will meet with King Abdullah II in Jordan on Wednesday before traveling Thursday to Saudi Arabia. In the seaside town of Jeddah, Kerry will meet with the leaders of six Persian Gulf nations.
Like I said it's a guess because I cannot find the list of coalition partners anywhere.
So who is making up this coalition? Let me guess. Saudi Arabia Iraq Jordan Pakistan Indonesia Kuwait Yemen Somalia Egypt All Islamic.
Those Mary Kay girls are crossing the southern border because of the very policies Obama is pursuing. So much for reassurance that Americans are safe from our boy wonder president.
I get it that "ISIL is not Islamic." It's a poor choice of words because ISIL does represent a significant aspect of Islam. Jihad. It just doesn't represent Islam in its' entirety and we are not at war with Islam in its' entirety. If we were we would see fighting in the streets of Dearborn and Minneapolis. These ideologically driven throw away lines that Obama uses makes him look stupid and stuck in a world that simply doesn't exist. And that is where he is, still. What he sees (in the world) simply doesn't jibe with what he believes in his heart. It is next to impossible to change the heart of a true believer. This is why Obama continues to try to explain what he means for weeks after he says something, which to the average American thinks is just plain idiotic.
He's watching the American political polls and is leading from behind. Again.
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