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Roger Simon? Never heard of him. Does he write for the Daily Worker?
Then again maybe those extra 7 states are off shore where Obama rules.
Let me see now that means out of 57 states (according to Obama) that makes 43 states which now officially do not have any exchanges. If my thoughts are incorrect please let Barack Obama know.
Where's the Obama administration on this border violation? Crickets! The whole Obama Whitehouse is out playing golf.
I don't understand. It wasn't a slow news day. These are things we already know.
Hillary will continue socialist policies which will finally bring down a once great nation. That's if we're not lost already due to Obama.
The comments regarding Hillary is a memory jogger for her legally dubious real estate deals in her past. However, the bigger story is right under our nose. This article begins in Detroit where democrats ruled for sixty (that's 60) years. What do they have to show for their leftist policies? Bankruptcy! That is where Obama is leading the nation where a $500,000,000,000 annual deficit is passing as frugality.
John Kerry is one he'll of a pinhead appointment.
You mean red star don't you?
That's the problem with progressives and progressive thought. There's so much contradiction they cannot answer tough questions with any true conviction. This is also one of the reasons progressives lie so much. That and if progressives were honest about their agenda they wouldn't get elected.
Forty, fifty years Detroit has been run by democrats. See what you get? Progressives will not be happy until they run every city into the ground like Detroit.
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