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This "mistake" in reporting is no different than the deportation numbers being reported by the Obama administration. The counting rules were changed to inflate the numbers of persons deported by including those turned away at the border. Magically Obama becomes the Deporter in Chief. The odd thing about the Obama administration and Obama himself is that he lies even when he doesn't need to. Reminds me of that rhyme "Oh what a tangled web we weave; When first we practice to deceive. - Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)
You forgot one of Obama's favorite phrases "good business" (having never worked a day of his life in a real business).
All we need is for low information voters to do is get a copy of the constitution and study it before the next election.
If we have learned anything over the last six years it's that Obama doesn't know how to lead, doesn't want to lead or leads from behind Valerie Jarrett's skirt. Obama is an unwilling participant in the democratic process.
CANNOT COMPROMISE WITH AN IDEOLOGUE: Never before (or possibly since FDR) has there been an ideologically stubborn man in the Whitehouse. With FDR we were given the gift of the Great Depression. With Obamacare and regulatory leviathan we are given the Great Recession of the 2000's. The republican Congress needs to pursue its agenda to improve the business climate, whittle away at the failed policies of the Obama administration and ignore boy wonder on immigration. There is no good faith negotiations with a president in the Whitehouse who is so ideologically driven.
DEMOCRATS DOUBLE DOWN ON STUPID: The democrats act as if the election is a week away. It's not always a good idea to look in the rearview mirror, but in this case it was a pretty telling election.
To wrap up, Warren Buffet is nothing more than a modern day robber baron essentially stealing money out of the pockets of Americans because of inflated railroad transportation fees.
Republicans aren't angels that's for sure, but next to democrats they look like saints.
2008-2014 GOVERNMENT OWNS THE GREAT RECESSION: All you have to do is look up the pages of regulations created before the 30s and the explosion of regulations in the thirties and exponential growth since to confirm how government is the biggest impediment to a free market economy. Obamacare is proof of that. The Keystone XL pipeline which would create tens of thousands of jobs is held up because of Warren Buffet's Northern Burlington Rail system. Environmentalism is the petina, but the truth is Buffet stands to make a killing in outmoded delivery system which is more damaging to the environment than any pipeline ever was. (A rhetorical question is just exactly how will Obama profit through his transigence while in office? Ask Warren Buffet.) So here we are over 130 years later (since 1879) and the government still can't get the delivery system of choice right. Do we really want government involved in what shouold be a thriving free market?
1930's GOVERNMENT OWNS THE GREAT DEPRESSION: Government regulation became the means of controlling the economy in the 1930s and continues to this day with Obamacare. In the thirties think Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and you won't be far off where the government put the creation and transmission of electricity by private industry out of business through draconian regulation. The justification was "only government should be in control of power electrification". People today still believe the myth that the rural areas of the nation wouldn't have power if not for government. Nothing could be further from the truth as Commonwealth & Southern was a successful rural electrification enterprise until the government regulation destroyed the business. Government used the failed Commonwealth & Southern enterprise as further justification to continue with the TVA projects; which until then was a failed government money pit. Today it is hailed as a big government success by progressives, the very people who destroyed a thriving free market enterprise of rural electrification.
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