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Obama is also robbing Americans of their fundamental freedoms provided in the US Constitution all in the name of fairness.
This is nothing new for Putin. What is surprising is that the MSM seems so blase regarding these things. If you recall the Chechen terrorist attacks in Russia. Some of the bombings were staged by the Russian government and got caught at it. The MSM buried the story. Assassinations are the solution to criticism inside and outside of Russia.
That's a nice Buddhist pose by Obama. John Kerry has been doing it for years.
There's a number of articles regarding social justice at the following link. http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=331 Read Michael Novak's articles if you want a better understanding and perspective.
One of the things that hurts the most is that many of the mainline churches are ignoring centuries of Biblical doctrine and replacing it with social doctrine. As an example social Justice began in the church. Now it is a tool of the political left and is as far from Christian principles as one can get. Progressive churches - being so open minded their brains have fallen out - have adopted the left's version of tolerance and social justice.
I get it. After all I did say it was a minor distinction.
Where it comes to Netanyahu you are correct. By supporting Barack Obama, the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah and striking a deal with Iran to gain a nuclear weapon and delivery system the Democrats look pro-tyranny and anti-democratic.
FDR died before the end of WW2. Truman was President when Russia made it's land grab.
Ronald Reagan did not free the hostages. The hostages were freed because the mullahs in Iran feared the election of Ronald Reagan. I believe they were released the day of his inauguration January 20, 1981. A minor distinction, but a distinction nevertheless.
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