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So much for the radical socialist concept of fairness as a domestic and foreign policy.
No. 11 Obama is the worst anti-American president who is bent on creating suffering wherever he can.
The biggest decision of the day, any day... Obama thinking to himself, "Which foot should I shoot today?"
Unlike his grandma being a typical white person, Obama is not the typical black person. The typical black person who has served in the armed forces deserves our respect. Obama? Not so much.
But, but, but... Obama is "The One" who can make the oceans recede and the planet heal. So obviously you're wong. Ask Harry Reid.
Hmm. I dunno. Last time Obama backed himself into a corner over Syria he decided he needed congressional approval knowing full well they wouldn't support action. Obama will once again try to get congress to make his decision for him. If congress votes to take action through the war powers act then Obama will insist that the UN security council needs to vote on it. The man has to consult with Valerie each morning on which shoe to tie first.
In 2012? Why not, I knew it was Bush's fault.
Did you know that Burger King is moving to Canada to avoid paying the highest corporate tax in the world? According to Obama paying even more in taxes is the most patriotic thing a person or corporation can do. Oh, it's Bush's fault along with anything else that Obama can't stomach and take responsibility.
Even though he drew t... I mean the international community drew the red line Obama didn't feel that he could act without congressional approval. I'm sure Libya was different. Why? Because Khadafy threatened to kill, and we can't tolerate people who are threatening, where Assad actually killed his people. That we can tolerate. Hey that's not me that's Obama's logic.
This is one of the grave mistakes in their view of the afterlife. It's 72 Virginians, and they're pi$$ed off.
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