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Don't forget, Obama is a democrat and democrat politics is what he practices.
Mob rule is exactly how Obama governs.
"Protests around the country that are meant to show solidarity with Ferguson are demonstrating barbaric and uncivilized behavior as well." The blame for this is at the feet of the leftist and progressive racial politics of the Obama administration. The pandering and promises of the last six years has delivered nothing but suffering, social division and unrest. The people burning down Ferguson are all OWS types and Obama supporters. Everyone last one of them. So much for being a nation of laws.
These are Obama constituents. Leftists, progressives, anarchists. Occupy Wall Street types who do not believe in the US Constitution any more than Barack Obama. They are all community organizers with disdain for the US Constitution. It shows. This disdain includes the president's attitude toward the most just government on earth today. His views of fundamental transformation means overthrowing a just government and putting in its' place a strong man dictatorship with a puppet legislature where the law is his whim of the day.
I have a liberal friend who thinks that federalism means a strong central government. This ruling is just another assault on federalism.
I don't see how returning the US to a nation of laws is divisive except to the ignorant MSM and lawless progressives.
You beat me to it. I would have added, "Got a problem with that?"
TLG62: "...there have been significant numbers of deportations. That’s true." That's false! The Obama administration changed the game regarding deportations calculations to include those turned away at the border. Those turned away at the border were never part of the calculation before.
Schumer: An "active government is the only way". Schumer is either a moron or a leftist ideologue as are Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. I would like to think he is a simple moron, but he is too power hungry as all leftists are to dictate how others live. Definition: The New Democratic Party = Radical Progressives who have contempt fot the US Constitution
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