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NEWS FLASH: WORLD'S OLDEST CLOWN DIES He was 98 years old. http://billingsgazette.com/news/local/creeky-the-world-s-oldest-working-clown-dies-at/article_26040215-414a-5404-a0e0-775541385a7a.html CONFIRMED: WORLD'S STUPIEST CLOWN STILL RESIDES IN THE WHITE HOUSE
... and Barack Obama nearly made it into the Oval Office.
Monday morning quarterbacking. How easy. If we all had the foresight of hindsight... . Only Loser has claims to be in the know after the fact.
Finally an honest admission from Lois. Explains a lot.
Morale among the Secret Service is at an all time low... as is true of most agencies run by the executive branch these days. This is what happens when politics trumps reason because of a president who is smarter than the rest of us, where people are told to not enforce the law or do your job effectively for the American people who you serve. Look at the border patrol. They are threatened with dismissal or prison if they try to enforce the law. Character assassination is the norm for the Obama administration. Meanwhile ISIS infiltrates through the southern border. How about the Department of Homeland Security now chasing global warming as a national security threat. All while ISIS is infiltrating as refugees. Refugees from what? Global warming?!!?
Regardless of Obama's apologies to the muslim world (and bowing to artificial kings) we all know that America - although imperfect - has strived historically to represent everything that is good in the world. That is the essence of Christianity. Now we are entering an age of darkness where our best Christian instincts are demeaned and moral relativism reigns. We find ourselves no longer the moral voice for those who suffer at the hands of tyranny throughout the world. Obama's smug sense of superiority exalting our enemies and betraying our friends has plunged the American spirit into a dark realm. Obama's worldview is that of a would be tyrant if not for constitutional limits. The constitutional limits that progressive democrats are trying to dismantle to set the stage for tyranny of the state. Their job will then be complete. This democrat's instinct for more state control and defeatism needs to be resisted. America needs to revive its' once proud tradition of faith and be the leader of a moral outlook that shows that we can be a reliable ally for all things good. Rebuild our traditional alliances within western civilization. To prevent the growing chaos in the Middle East the US also needs to have a presence in Iraq. Unfortunately the fragile peace was lost due to Obama's sense of his own importance. We will need to win this war all over again. Once this is accomplished (as in the prior administration) we know that our presence will then ensure stability and save the fledging government from exercising bad choices. The American public needs to step up. With faith in God "who could be against us?" (paraphrase Romans 8:31)
People have confused clever with intelligence. Europeans have always viewed them the same. Obama is too clever for his own good for he is in the process of outwitting himself.
However since these are intelligence briefings he probably wouldn't understand anyway.
How appropriate. What I said in a previous posting regarding our Chief Executive of Golf (CEG): If Obama would come in from the golf course every once in awhile to receive his intelligence briefings he wouldn't have been so ill informed. But we all know it isn't his fault. It's always someone else's fault.
If I understand the definition of the "discharge petition" correctly it is a tool for the minority against the wishes of the majority to send a bill out of committee to the floor where it cannot be ignored. Once on the floor of the Senate Harry "Nut Job" Reid's dictatorial control becomes more obvious and he would then pay a political price for his tying up the chamber as he has done.
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