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The reason for low information voters is that we have a public education system which for decades now has been pushing progressive politically correct socializing programs instead of teaching our children how to think for themselves.
The "most transparent" administration has just gotten more opaque now that the Census Bureau is being run out of the Whitehouse.
Because even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Hey George, wrong article. This one is about the stupidity of democrats.
Let's read between the lines of this survey. One of the questions was "Do you listen when President Obama speaks?" Of those surveyed 61 percent said they do. Of this 61 percent 24 percent say they listen some of the time while the remaining 37 percent listens to him most of the time. The remaining breakdown is where 24 percent listen to the president occasionally and 15 percent not at all. This an amazing correlation where 15 percent of those surveyed are completely clueless (democratic base) and 24 percent mostly clueless. All of which were polled in Colorado and Washington. Interesting.
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Holder's Race Card

Free_Markets_Free_People Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 10:37 AM
Lbrown292 sure has a lot of time on his hands. Obviously he doesn't have an argument since he is involved in a dog whistle only blather. Obama White House has allowed hundreds of Mexicans die without accounting for fast and furious.
Democrats favor... Jim Crow laws, the KKK (paramilitary arm of the democratic party) and fought the civil rights movement, government intrusion, income redistribution, lording over others. Republicans favor... Emancipation, women's suffrage (right to vote), eliminate Jim Crow, support civil rights, limited government, opening free markets and opportunity so the individual can excel.
His ideological children.
These are George Soros' "children".
It seems as though the idea of performing the job he was elected to do has slipped Harry Reid's mind. Legislate. Instead he continues on his rant of how much better the world would be if he were in charge.
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