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This is where progressive social justice leads, celebrate sociopathic murderers and demonstrate contempt for civil society.
The only way Obama is impeached is if the MSM has a come to Jesus moment. What's the likelihood of that?
The only problem is that they are more loyal to party than country.
If Mark meant Mohammed he should be more clear.
It's not nice to speak that way of Valerie Jarrett.
The Obama administration did try to deport him in 2010 and lost in a San Diego federal court.
Such as Mark below calling Mosab a pedophile.
I assume you mean defunded by the US government.
CNN thought they were interviewing a terrorist and didn't realize until they went on air.
Since Obama gets (doesn't get) "bad" news the same way you and I do he probably just found out about Mosab Yousef. According to Obama what disqualifies Yousef from staying in the US is that he arrived legally, will pay taxes, probably apply for citizenship and God forbid vote republican.
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