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When are people going to understand that the law just doesn't apply to Obama and his administration... it only applies to everyone else.
It's just too bad that progressives do not know how to govern without force. No matter to them since the ends justify the means. Social Justice=Income Redistribution
This is part of the "fundamental transformation" Obama has always had in mind. Transform the US from a Constitutional Republic with democratic institutions into a country where the privileged get to rule and the serfs only have rights that are deemed appropriate by "The One". Where privilege is defined as those of like mind to form a legally impenetrable central government bureaucracy of an ever expanding government. Those with privilege are progressive ideologues who know the answer to the problems of the serfs regardless the facts and determine the moral views of all. The State has spoken.
The DOJ has become one of the most corrupt & lawless agencies in the federal government... ...along with the IRS, ATF, State Department, ICE, VA, USSS (Secret Service), NSA, GSA, HHS and even the CDC. All Executive Branch agencies. So I ask, what is the common denominator?
When you believe you rule the world where the common man is nothing more than a serf who answers to those in power you don't care about the optics. Article of Evidence #1: Barack Obama
Republicans need to stand steadfast through the 2016 elections to repeal & replace. Period! (as Barack Obama is so fond of saying)
It is time for you to view the world from an American perspective. If you are capable of it.
This isn't about hysteria. It is about a rational response to a disease that can easily become unmanageable as it is in West Africa. Mr. President, do your sworn Constitutional duty and stop viewing everything from a political or ideological position.
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