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And when we see DC bombed, obama will say he found out about it in the news.
Sadly, all these children should be sent on White House tour, not to military bases hidden from the public view. Look at all the empty buildings GSA is sitting on, so send these kids there to keep them all in Washington for all to see.
It was a scheduling conflict, nothing more than that, at least he was invited.
All these liberal liars like upchuck odd todd are going to look pretty foolish when the truth finally comes out about all these cover ups, from Fast & Furious, Benghazi and the final nail in the coffin of democrats, the IRS scandal where upchuck schummer and elyin cummings goes down for all their abuse of using IRS against conservatives.
Like rats, they are all going to be running for the door now that the truth is coming out, I just hope the put this low life liar in jail and seize his pension for the decades of damage he has done to our country.
Schumer needs to be on hit list to be impeached for using IRS to attack conservative groups, along with Cummings, both the lowest of low life liberal liars in government.
Agreed, it is obvious they all are liars hiding behind all these BS delays in producing the evidence to impeach dozens of these career politicians who will be proven to have used the IRS to attack conservatives, just as they use the injustice system to cover up Benghazi crimes. I hope we impeach and procecute all these low life liar liberals. The only good thing which will come about from all these liars is it will cripple the demorat party for decades to come. So look at the bright side. lol
Katie is great, she has been on these liberal liars for years, and now it is finally paying off, keep up the pressure Katie. I hope your taxes are in order for I am certain obama will set his IRS attack dogs on you before he is impeached for all his lies.
She was a disgrace to anyone with half a brain, and that is why she was supported as democrat liberal, they all are half brain idtiots, so we see she will get what she deserves, NOTHING.
Simple, too many whimp rhinos are destroying the repuklican party, so don't expect anything to happen with obamacare until it wrecks the whole economy, then what?
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