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Obama Blackmails the Middle Class

Fredom4u Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 12:24 PM
Having gone to the same school as Barry, he is clearly over his head and now you can see he"s floundering, much like the Titanic. We must spend every last dollar we have to vote him out, or like the souls on the Titanic, we too will find ourselves in peices at the bottom of the sea.

Obama recently gave yet another televised pep rally, complete with a laughing, cheering progressive audience. The purpose this time was all about taxing his most hated class o' people, the Evil Rich (of which he finally admitted he is a part of).

He used words like "holding hostage" and offered veiled threats to the middle to lower-classed, warning us that if his offer of taxing the rich doesn't happen, the middle class (cue threatening music) WILL PAY.

As one of those middle to lower-classed people, I am personally insulted and more than a little angry.

Apparently Barack thinks we are...

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