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Awesome: 'War on Women' Crashes and Burns in Australia

FredNerx Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 9:07 PM
The Australian Liberal Party is not truly conservative, they're actually just left of centre on, say, a 1970 scale. But like most conservative parties, they've slid to the centre and past it in recent years. When a real conservative opposition comes along, it's possible many Aussies will turn to it but probably not, Aussies are a lot more compliant than the mythology suggests. Government opposition to SSM will last until 13 nanoseconds after either Labor is re-elected or Tony Abbott is ousted. Labor was in the toilet long before Gillard's men in blue ties garbage and the return of Rudd is a last ditch desperate move by MPs who are facing losing their seats. Rudd, whose 2007 open borders policy led from 6 illegal entry boats of Islamic economic 'refugees' in 6 years under the Howard Govt to 6 illegal entry boats every 3 days now, remains hugely popular with dimwitted low info Aussie males while Aussie women have been widely conditioned by the MSM to view Abbott as a crazed woman hater, Under Gillard Labor was doomed but now there is a real danger they may scrape back in or at least survive with vastly improved numbers,

The dust is still settling in the Australian capital of Canberra, where former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ousted his successor and bitter rival Julia Gillard last week, in advance of fall elections.  Gillard executed a ruthless intra-party coup against Rudd in 2010 -- now he's returned the unwelcome favor.  Both are members of the embattled left-wing Labor Party, which has been lagging behind in polls for months:

Kevin Rudd has ousted Prime Minister Julia Gillard as leader of Australia's Labor Party. He won by 57 votes to 45, in a leadership ballot of Labor lawmakers. The...