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Jimmy Carter’s Libel Israel Week

fredjay Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 5:20 AM
Lodestar: So the Israelis almost became a socialist state? The U.S. almost became a monarchy. Like the rest of your post, those observations are agitprop. The Israelis spent more than a year trying to talk the U.S. out of invading Iraq. The Israelis -- they’re smarter than you, Lodestar -- had NOTHING to fear from the secular Saddam Hussein, and EVERYTHING to fear if he were neutralized. His disappearance would leave Iran master of the Persian Gulf and put Israel at enormous risk. If you haven’t noticed, that’s EXACTLY what happened.

Some politically correct colleges in America and Western Europe observe something they call “Israel Apartheid Week.” It’s another opportunity to libel Israel for building a defensive perimeter to keep out Arab suicide bombers. These misguided young people who libel the only democracy in the Mideast look to former President Jimmy Carter for their inspiration. Carter was the most prominent person in the world to apply the hated term apartheid to Israel’s purely defensive barrier. Carter’s book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, has served as a text for the libelers of Israel.

The French have an apt expression for what Israel...