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Big Spending Farm Bill Passes Senate

Frederick78 Wrote: Jun 23, 2012 12:24 PM
It won't get better until we elect conservatives who understand just how bad this economy is. There is no reason for the government to subsidize anyone except with tax credits to level the playing filed with foreign competitors. Beyond that, business succeed or fail on their merits--like mine.


The Senate has approved their version of the 2012 Farm Bill with a 64-35 vote today. Senate Republicans, including Dick Lugar, accounted for 16 of the 64 affirmative votes.

The Farm Bill was sold as a bi-partisan, budget cutting piece of legislation. In reality, the bill fails to make any meaningful cuts to the food stamp program or farm subsidies. The bill is another in a long line of bi-partisan deals that will lock in big spending and pages of regulations. In this case the price tag is $969 billion, with 1,000 pages to empower DC bureaucrats....