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Who Really Owns the U.S. National Debt?

Fred_PA_2000 Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 9:38 PM
(Cont'd.) As for the idea that maybe we stiff the Chinese? They have a population four times the size of our own. Historically, with so many people, they've come to place a lower value on human life than we do. Due to their one-child policy, they have a surplus of young men -- which spells social unrest. Their military is larger than our own. And nuclear. A war might be useful for them -- it reduces the surplus population. Before anyone seriously tries to default on our debts to China, they'd better make sure they can speak reasonably good Mandarin!

Today, we're taking a preliminary look at just who owns all the debt issued by the U.S. federal government through 30 September 2012 - the end of the U.S. government's fiscal year. Our chart below visualizes what we found.

The information presented in our chart above is preliminary, as the U.S. Treasury typically revises its foreign entity debt ownership data in March of each year.

Overall, U.S. entities own just 65.8% of all debt issued by the U.S. federal government. Ranking the major U.S. entities from low to high, we find that: