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Obama says shutdown shows contrast of parties' visions

Fred_PA_2000 Wrote: Oct 26, 2013 5:38 PM
You can't say the man doesn't have chutzpah! The Republican's second attempt at keeping the government open was to fund it all, but get a one year delay in the individual mandate for Obamacare. Some Republicans -- the ones who put party above country -- thought this was an unwise thing to offer, since it would allow the Democrats to avoid the fallout of the impending Obamacare "train wreck." Harry Reid -- no doubt with the President's agreement -- refused to accept that olive branch: The Democrats believed that if they could shut the government down, they could tar the Republicans as responsible for that. (A strategy that seems so far to have worked.) Now that that train wreck is upon us, it is suddenly the Democrats who want a delay. And they're hoping none of the voters will notice that this was offered earlier by the Republicans in an attempt to keep the government open. Remarkable!

By Mark Felsenthal

NEW YORK (Reuters) - With an eye to 2014 elections, President Barack Obama held up the government shutdown this month as an emblem of fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans on Friday in an appeal to wealthy donors.

"The shutdown was about more than just healthcare, it was about, sort of, a contrast in visions about what our obligations are to our fellow citizens," the president said at a fundraiser at the home of Karen Mehiel on New York's posh Upper East Side.

Republicans made defunding the president's signature healthcare program a condition for continuing to fund...