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Mr. Greenfield spoke well when most others are silent. God bless him and all others who speak the truth.
Joseph64: You wrote what I was planning to write. A wonderful exposition on free speech. Thank you.
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Bad Laws Lead to Bad Cops

Fred688 Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 5:12 AM
A man Is dead because the (prime?) priority of the police is to maximize the revenue of a "nanny tax". A tax whose (ostensible) justification is to save lives? Something is wrong here.
Lance is correct. This article is a simpering pile of "liberal" conjecture and innuendo. To propose that Brown's conduct was racially based is clearly the product of a muddled (and biased) "liberal" mind.
Wow. What a wonderful deployment of words. You are certainly unambiguous in your polemic.
Right on. Unfortunately there are two Republican parties, the "old guard" who simply want to hold power and the "Turks" who have a vision for America. I do not see a coherent resolution of this bifurcation of objectives.
The Republicans did not dump Tod Akins for his gaffe (which was minor and easily clarified). They dumped him because he was not aligned with (and loyal to) the Republican "establishment", The hierarchy decided that it was better to risk having have a Democrat in the office than an independent-thinking (read conservative) Republican.
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How Black Was Jesus?

Fred688 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 7:22 AM
God's son, and messenger, transcends all man's attempts to debase his message to the world. His message of redemption is, in reality, spread by the mockers. It is for us,who understand and believe God's message, to use these "introductions" to further communicate the Gospel and God's plan of salvation. May we have the strength (and grace) to do this without hatred and rancor. Our God lives.
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GOP Insanity

Fred688 Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 9:54 AM
Yes, Romney could win. Yes, Romney would be an improvement. After all, he respects economic laws and can use them for the benefit of the economy and country. But, he is a supporter of big, croney, government. He will also submit to manipulation by powerful interests who have learned to "have their way" with government, to their self-benefit at the expense for the (productive, working) public. There are a number of principled conservatives who can better represent the American people and regain our prosperity. Let us support one of them. and
Once again, a long gun is magically transformed into the ubiquitous "assault rifle". Apparently the accurate use of words in not part of the training of a Reuters reporter.
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