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Romney Insider on Media's 'Election Slipping Away' Narrative: "It's Horses**t"

Fred1922 Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 5:00 PM
Sick to death about all of the "right to vote" nonsense, take a look here this is how the election will be decided for President. Noone has the right to vote individually for the president of the United States. The electoral College is who you're voting for and they decide who is President. In some states they are required to go with the popular vote, but that is not true in all states. If you really want to have an impact pick the Electoral College well and they will put the right man in office. This year is reminiscent of the Carter / Reagan race, I hope the results are as well.

The Obama-supporting media is seizing on new polling data to advance the meme that clouds of doom are gathering above Romney headquarters in Boston.  A senior-level Romney adviser totally rejects the premise in an email to National Review editor in chief Rich Lowry (emphasis mine):

It’s horses**t. Nobody in Boston thinks we’re going to lose. We’re in a tight race. We had a 4-5 point bounce after our convention and it evaporated when they had theirs. Now they have a 4-5 bounce. It’s going to evaporate in September. We feel good about the map....