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Privacy? Surely You Jest!

Fred1922 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 10:44 AM
With everything except the last statement this is so true. The fallacy with the last statement is the organizations are required to let you know who they are and what they collect if you ask for it. The problem is no-one knows who to ask and what to ask for. CA and the UK are pushing Do Not Trace laws, which essentially means that if you have made a request to not be tracked the agency tracking your information has to exclude you from any campaigns. The issue here is that to be "not tracked" they still have to know enough about you to not use you in any campaigns or collections.
For those with the wisdom to understand it look up the war of Gog and Magog, Are things lining up? I don't know. Could this be movement in that direction, in my opinion, yes.
Reagan was a fiscal conservative who believed that too large a government was definitely the problem, doesn't matter what color is on the ticket, like Kennedy before him Reagan wanted limited government and a balanced budget, something today's politicians under both colors can't seem to get a grasp of. While Reagan did at one time operate as a Democrat, his tenets lined up with libertarian more than either other party, the only way to get elected as a conservative though is to be part of the Republican party, the Dems would crucify a small government thinker in their midst let alone anyone who was socially agnostic.
It is already happening, there are seniors who are being denied care for heart issues. My close friend in Texas was just told that she was not in the right bracket for care and that she needed to consider other options like pain management for her heart condition. In English that is telling her that she was not in the right age bracket for care for a heart condition and that her only option is to pain medicate until she passes. This has now been passed to legal counsel to find a way to obtain treatment, not sure where in the process it is, but she went and got the care herself without insurance and now in addition to the stress of the heart issue, she has crazy bills from the surgery.
Way to go Beretta, and thanks for coming to my now home state. It's funny I use similar criteria when seeking jobs, looking only in states with no income tax and no heavy burden on employer taxes as well as supporting the constitution rather than trying to tear it down. You would be amazed how many recruiters are surprised when they hear , no thanks, CA and NY laws on employers and employees are too cumbersome for me to tolerate working there.
The government is not your biggest concern, honestly, do you really think the government has the resources to track down and evaluate all of the crazy stuff that goes through most people's IP addresses. What you need to be concerned about is the commercial applications where businesses who want to know can and will use this information. The best thing I can recommend is to take a look at your personal digital footprint and start looking for ways to get legislation passed that allow you to manage the ownership of your own content. At least then you can make money off of being monitored.
Another illegal executive order, from the branch of government meant to uphold the constitution, not tear it down at every possible turn. To understand what a full and complete waste this program is I say implement it in full force today, no more delays or repeal the whole damn thing. So many of 0bama's actions are impeachable it is overwhelming, not to mention the fact that the media completely ignores all of the real scandals coming out of this administration. Any other president, Bill Clinton included would be held to so much higher a standard. what a sad case we the people (not this person) chose to elect.
Interesting that this was intended to help 23 million people get on insurance about half of which didn't want it anyway and as is typical with any government program they are forcing more people out than they are helping. By a margin of about 3-1 they are forcing people out of care they like and into a less affordable care scenario, I think I will coin the term LACS, the Less Affordable Care Scenario, lacks proof of functioning, lacks proof of serving the people, lacks proof of lowering prices and lacks proof of securing my information. this makes me so happy.
take a look at the lettering that goes with the 800 number 218-3596 effectively spells f-*-*-k-y-o. so this is really how the president and the people running the show really feel about you and your needs.
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