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Random thought: if every tax increase over the last 50 years that promised to eliminate the deficit "over the next ten years" came true we would not have a national debt.
Shrinking at a huge rate depends on where you measure from. So we measure from the 1.4 trillion dollar deficit of 07. Bush was president. A large part of that deficit should be blamed on Bush and the democratic congress over his last two years. But also included in that deficit were TARP which Obama voter for and Obama's stimulus. But the real point is that we are measuring from an outlier year instead of an average year.
Static scoring favors liberals. Under it they can raise taxes and include the projected increased revenue in the budget and then simply borrow to cover their shortfall in the estimate. If they had a more accurate revenue prediction it would reduce their budget.
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The CIA and Its Torturers

Fred1666 Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 7:09 AM
What exactly did the CIA do that was torture? I thought the worst they did was waterboarding. Is that torture?
And every government shutdown in my memory turned out to be a paid vacation when it was over.
When I factor in the increased premiums and higher out of pocket cost my health care costs will triple in January thanks to obamacare. Illegals will be more desirable hires since employers will not have to provide coverage or pay fines when they hire them. This dictator must be stopped and congress is obligated by its own oath to the constitution to stop him.
Congress also takes an oath to uphold the constitution. They should feel obligated to stop Obama. If congress funds Obama's illegal amnesty, they are actually ratifying it. What would happen if immigration officials refused to follow Obama's unlawful orders?
"If Obama and Holder want to raise public awareness about the mistreatment of blacks in the system, aren't they damaging their own cause by using a case in which the facts don't support that narrative? Why would they trivialize their cause?" I think they must want stir up problems. Had they found a real case of police misconduct toward blacks, it would strengthen their arguments for reforms. All this does is stir up the mobs on one side and shows the other side that since they don't really have a case here, that there may not be a problem. Thus both side dig in deeper.
Don't these leaders realize that this will lead to a permanent democrat majority when these illegals start voting?
Congress cannot pass a bill into law without the signature of the president. That is the process laid out in the constitution. Yet this president thinks he can pass a law without congress. He must think he is king.
Without far left democrats like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi setting the agenda, maybe we will find out if there are any 'pragmatic' democrats who will side with republicans to undo some of the catastrophes of the last six years in a veto-proof way.
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