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Obama's Forgotten "N" Word

Fred1666 Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 8:58 AM
I've been asking this question since 9/11/01. Where are the voices of the peaceful Muslim religion who condemn the violence of the so called extremist Muslims? It seems to me that there aren't any. The Muslim religion has always been a religion of "convert or die". The so called moderate, peace loving Muslims are the exception, not the rule.
As soon as these athletes' talents are recognized, perhaps as early as middle school, they are given immunity from all wrong and their thuggery is overlooked or covered up so as not to jeopardize the next step in their careers. I hope Ray gets the help he needs. We don't need any more OJs.
I like what this say about Muslim beliefs. This is just another example that shows the Muslim religion is not about freedom but is about control.
Well, for me, lemon laws should make it mandatory that all journalists pass a basic firearms knowledge test before obtaining press credentials.
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

Fred1666 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 6:00 AM
None of this would be happening if it was not summertime.
Why did she remind the officers what her position is if not to use her position as a get out of jail free card?
I am shocked that a city controlled by democrats could be so racist.
For the Obama administration, politics comes first. Defending the constitution and the rule of law comes in second and only if it supports the first. Everything they do has political calculations. I will say this about Republicans. If 'no boots on the ground no matter what' is bad national security policy for the dems, then 'no impeachment no matter what' could prove bad for the country also. Just like the terrorists in Iraq will dare the president through their actions to get more involved while they are currently setting traps for our forces, the president dares republicans to try to impeach him.
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Compromise With Obama? Surely, You Jest!

Fred1666 Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 7:29 AM
If the president can issue orders that go against existing law, why can't congress? After all, the three branches of government are supposed to be co-equal. Shouldn't a congressional order or a senatorial order carry the same weight as an executive order? Why is congress bound by the legislative process and the president not?
Several years ago, I heard a call from a city mechanic on local talk radio that in Baltimore city, city mechanics who work on city vehicles are not allowed to use air tools when servicing vehicles. Hand tools only per union rules. Perhaps someone can confirm that this is still going on.
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