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He (Saddam) had them, then gave them up because the great satan said so ? Is that what you believe ? Is the sky blue in your little world ?
I would love to hear an explanation of your thesis on that.
Congrats dmoel, First on your long term marriage, very tough these days and your growing up, I agree with you 100%, well done !
Ignorant ? Phil has a masters in Education, your level of education is ?????
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The "New Civility" -- Obama Style

freak4life Wrote: Dec 19, 2013 12:36 AM
If you are going to post, this is a perfect example of just how stupid you cab be and still have a place to say your rant. Well done ibs2, well done indeed. If you had one, your English teacher would be horrified.
Oops, no coffee yet, the correct word should have been they're…. mea culpa for the apparent ignorance. :)
So, liberals say they want government to out of their private lives, for example, the issue of abortion, yet they want government in their private lives when it comes to their sex lives between two men/women. Strange isn't it ? They claim that republicans are shoving their morals down their throats, yet here they are again shoving their morals down a Christian mans throat. Yet their the tolerant ones, right ?
You don't work directly with the public do you, there must be at least half the country that does not understand this, just look at the last election for proof.
I have a golfing friend who was an emergency room trauma surgeon and he retired earlier than he was planning too, all because of the ACA. He told me that a lot of his Dr friends were contemplating the same thing, way to go Obama. I have a younger golfing friend whose wife is in her third year of medical school and they are now 200,000.00 $ in student loan debt. How can this confluence of events, lowering the payments of services and raising the cost of education go on ? Can it continue without a horrible effect ?
Are you always this stupid or is this something new to you ?
Townhall, I do not give a damn what that nitwit says, please refrain from mentioning her anymore. Thank you
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