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NYC Mayoral Candidate: It's Totally Okay to Bully Gun Manufacturers With Government Power

FranksNBeans Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 10:55 AM
Actually rep, you aren't setting anyone off here. You little liberal ploy of agitating is actually making you look like somewhat of an imbicile. You are obviously a juvenile without any skills in debating issues like an adult, therefore you resort to what you are only good at and that is to be an annoying pain in the a s s. Have you ever been walking across a field barefoot and accidentally stepped in a pile of horsesh*t? To us you are the horsesh*t; it is annoying to step in it, but very easily scraped off. So keep up with your silly little posts, with the catchy "is just that easy", but remember that you are only making yourself an annoying little horsesh*t, and not really setting anyone off. Understand that child?

Late last week week I wrote about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's bullying of banks that do business with gun manufacturers. He has also sent letters to mutual funds asking them to "blacklist" gun manufacturers. Now, New York City Mayoral Candidate Bill De Blasio is joining Emanuel and justified using government power to punish law abiding business they disagree with politically yesterday on Fox News. De Blasio predictably took a shot at the NRA as well, saying they're the only thing in the way of reform.

De Blasio joined Megyn Kelly Wednesday on America Live to explain his...

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