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Calling Out Hollywood Hypocrite Jim Carrey

FranksNBeans Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 4:27 PM
"Im shocked that you guys can actually "read" w/the brain damage you display.." This is what you get when a liberal loses an argument.

Liberal elitist Hollywood Actor Jim Carrey, who enjoys the protection of an armed bodyguard, thought it would be hilarious to make fun of gun owners in a video he published yesterday (in mature fashion, Carrey posted the video on a college site).

Oh, you didn't laugh? Neither did I. Allahpundit summed it up best:

Despite his cheap, stupid nastiness towards gun-rights supporters on Twitter, I figured this would be worth a few laughs. And it was — for 10 seconds, during the “Sam Elliott” cameo, which is mainly...

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