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53% Say the Federal Government Threatens their “Rights and Freedoms”

FranksNBeans Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 3:45 PM
AO says "How dare you compare our freely elected President to something as evil as Hitler and Stalin. It is idiotic comments like this that are the reason the majority of Americans have gotten tired of you nuts on the looney right wing." Did I miss some executive order Obama made when he got into office stating that he is not to be insulted? Because I heard much harsher insults thrown at GWB, not to mention some the vulgar insults hurled at Laura Bush. Some folks have such short memories.

The president’s second inaugural address was what Charles Krauthammer and Charles R. Kessler, respectively, called an “ode to big government” and a “[reinterpretation of] American principles.” It was, in many ways, unapologetic and decidedly to the left of any inaugural oration delivered in modern American history -- and a far cry from the Lincolnian ideal. Ironically, however, while the American public evidently endorsed the status quo (i.e., trillion dollar plus-deficits, more bureaucracy, and bigger government) by re-electing the president, more Americans than ever believe that the federal government threatens their “