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Half of Detroit Properties Have Not Paid Taxes; Update on Detroit Bankruptcy

FrankMP Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 11:03 AM
What is really scary is this: The Demoncrats are the most guilty for goobermint corruption under a republic form of government. What will this country be like when the have absolute control!! Can you say 'HELL is a'coming".
God_Of_War Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 11:22 AM
Detroit, Michigan
Persons under 5 years, percent, 2010, 7.0%
Persons under 18 years, percent, 2010, 26.7%
Persons 65 years and over, percent, 2010, 11.5%
Female persons, percent, 2010, 52.7%
White persons, percent, 2010, 10.6%
Black persons, percent, 2010, 82.7%
American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2010 0.4%
Asian persons, percent, 2010, 1.1%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, percent, 2010, 0.0%
Persons reporting two or more races, percent, 2010, 2.2%
Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin, percent, 2010, 6.8%
White persons not Hispanic, percent, 2010, 7.8%

I guess I'm a racist for posting this? How about calling me a truthanist?
Richard1805 Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 4:10 PM
That's sort of the age/gender distribution you see when all the working age men have been killed in a war. Detroit, and African-Americans, have been involved in a war of self immolation for thirty years. This is the result.

The hollowing out of Detroit is nearly complete. All that's left is a bankrupt shell of a city with no services and scattered citizens that do not pay taxes.

The Detroit News reports Half of Detroit Property Owners Don't Pay Taxes

Nearly half of the owners of Detroit's 305,000 properties failed to pay their tax bills last year, exacerbating a punishing cycle of declining revenues and diminished services for a city in a financial crisis, according to a Detroit News analysis of government records.

The News reviewed more than 200,000 pages...