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Ann Coulter is absolutely correct! The US taxpayers have been betrayed by BOTH the Democrats and the Republican on Immigration. We ALREADY reformed Immigration Law back in 1986? Remember IRCA, also called Reagan’s Amnesty of 1986? It had TWO parts 1) a “One Time Only” amnesty for illegal aliens who had resided in the US for several years. 2) a promise to STRICTLY enforce immigration laws and workplace verification of legal residency. The first part legalized 2.8M illegal aliens. The second part was ignored by Democrats eager for votes and Republicans eager for subsided “cheap” labor (social costs shifted to taxpayers). Now, another 10 to 20 million illegals are in the USA and costing taxpayer over $100B/year.
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Amazon is Obama's Mistress

FranklySpoken Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 3:57 PM
The article was poorly researched and lacks a cohesive argument. “Unlike traditional printed books, you can’t physically hold an e-book in your hands; you must purchase a special “e-reader” or tablet to peruse them.” Wrong! The Amazon ebooks can be read on any computer or Ipad. Just download the free Kindle app. No problem. When suppliers meet to drive up consumer prices it certainly appears to be “price fixing” or collusion. No one is forcing them to sell to Amazon. They can follow the ebook strategy by Baen Books (Science Fiction & Fantasy). Long before the Kindle, Baen started offering books in various electronic formats for the computer and handheld devices. Linking this case to an Obama conspiracy is just silly.
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