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Why 'It Worked' May Damage Obama More Than 'You Didn't Build That'

Frank98 Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 1:46 PM
You bet Mr Prez Obama/Davis. Your plan woiked just like it was supposed to woik. And will keep woiking. You told US you were gonna fupktamentally change the nation, and you have.You kept yer woid. Sheesh, you even bought 8 more states w/ all the ChiCom's munny.. Woiking twenty five eight as a zombie what a way to make a living Getting socialized what a way to get Obama/Davis m mm luv'n They just take yer mind for all their free giving It's enough to make you a maroon and you have let it Twenty five eight for service and devotion

Much has been made of President Obama's sneering screed against individual accomplishment and private success, and rightly so.  He once again wandered from his poll-tested script and accidentally revealed his true colors, Romney pounced, and Democrats are flailing with shouts "out of context" and feigned thermonuclear outrage.  Republicans would be wise to sink their teeth in and refuse to relent -- the Left's yelping is a tell.  But in addition to hammering "you didn't build that" (and building a largely...