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Who Nudges the Nudgers?

Frank98 Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 2:29 PM
My grandpaw's grandpaw smokes 6 packs of Camel non filter every day, then he washes those down w/ 2-64 oz bottles of cokes while he sprinkles salt on a few chips. My grandpaw's grandpaw hates the hell out of communists.Our whole family does. He was gonna visit NY for the foist time next mth but now it's gonna be too much of a bother to load the 3 cases of 64oz cokes (needed for the duration)into his Miata along w/ his baggage, then unload them at the airport, where upon his arrival his drinks will be confiscated.He was willing to cut down to 3 pks while there,but his cokes were the last straw.Now he says to fergitboutit.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed large soda ban has raised the ire of many New Yorkers. Business Insider reports on a new poll out showing that, despite the favor that Manhattan shows for a soda restriction, every other borough is against it.

The NY1-Marist poll released early Tuesday shows that 53 percent of adults in New York think Bloomberg's proposal is a bad idea, while 42 percent think it's OK. With all of the backlash against Bloomberg the last few days, that's actually kind of surprising. By the exact same numbers, 53 percent thought the plan is a...