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Panicked Media Declaring "GOP Civil War"

Frank98 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 7:52 PM
I subscribe to this theory.I have posted for many Moons about the dependency lemmings and useful idiots creating most of the citizenry. IOW, cloning themselves. it's not rocket science.We have about another 20 yrs or so before this ILK becomes the majority. The problem will be, when these today's misguided "Utes" who embraces feel-good leftist policies finally comes of age,(matures) and see whatever they have accumulated being confiscated , then they will wake up and become cons. Another problemo then arises. It will be too late. Under a marxist regime, there will be no such thing as voting out massas.The handwritings are on the wall for all to see.We have 30 yrs tops. There will be a NWO/OWG in another 30-50 yrs.The die/dye is cast
With many in the mainstream media predicting a decisive victory for President Obama and Democrats all over the country, some are now writing pre-emptive obituaries for the Republican Party.

Politico's Jonathan Martin has one such piece called "The looming GOP civil war - whether Mitt wins or not." Such hysterics include:

Regardless of whether Romney wins or loses, Republicans must move to confront its demographic crisis. The GOP coalition is undergirded by a shrinking population of older white conservative men from the countryside, while the Democrats rely on an ascendant bloc of minorities, moderate women and...