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Democrats Still Denying Washington Has a Spending Problem

Frank98 Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 10:46 AM
Despite near-universal support (88 percent) for spending cuts, Obama's budget increases spending significantly. . 88% wants spending cuts? That must be 88% of R and a few indies. It sure the hell can't be the D 's and their marxists crowd, plantation dwelling enablers and government workers (regardless of party affiliations) were in that survey. Even the most foolish of fools knows that Soetoro wants increased spending,increased taxations and increased borrowings. If this survey/poll was taken across all did Soetoro get te-elected?

In case you haven't checked lately, the U.S. National Debt has hit a whopping $16.8 trillion and is climbing higher by the second. To make matters worse, President Obama recently proposed another increase in spending for his 2014 budget. Why? He doesn't think Washingon has a spending problem and neither do many of his fellow Democrats helping to push his agenda.

Call them the debt crisis dissenters.

The two parties are miles apart on how to cut the deficit and national debt: Republicans want to slash spending even more. Democrats want to raise revenue.