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DeMint: Obama's Going to Get His Tax Hikes, Guys

Frank98 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 8:55 PM
The House Crier In Chief (CIC) will fold to the WH Communist In Charge (CIC) As is his Norm. The CIC (no, not the communist) may as well end the charade right now. He ain't fooling anyone at this juncture, unless there is some lobotomized R voter still around. Mebbe the CIC (no, not the communist) is waiting and hoping for the World to end soon and no one will be around to say he ate Whimpy's burger once again.

Et tu, Jim DeMint?


Most of us here are not in the loop of what they’re discussing, but I do know this: This government doesn’t need more money — this country needs less government. To take more money out of the real economy and give it to politicians and bureaucrats, no matter who you take it from, is not going to help the middle class or anyone else. The president’s proposal...