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This is rush. Letely a pop up box comes on and say a problem w/ this web page causes internet explorer to close and reopen. Then it closes and reopens. this is the 5th time in 5 min. Any ideas,/ anyone?
Here is a way to put a stop to all these killings of the innocent unborn. Stop Infanticide. Married Fla. gay couple first to receive green card http://www.breitbart.com/system/wire/upiUPI-20130701-123951-1847 I'm sure neither of these two can get preggers.. Or can they? Quien Sabe, Kemo sabe?
Many college students can't even find jobs right now since they graduated,. Congress needs to take NOoo action. Too many people are going to college who are not college material. The taxpayers will eventually get stuck. But what da hey. Who said vote buying was hard to do.Especially when the pols are not using their own "munny"
Hmm, remove that Allegedly woid. "The two professors wished to remain anonymous due to fears the school would retaliate against them" i tell you, ever since Ol' Vince took a stroll in Fort Marcy Park and Ron Brown took that plane ride.Well, I'll leave the rest to yer imaginations. Why do you think that IRISlady(?) head took the 5th. Also, they could have a heart attack whilst walking. No one will happily head to the happy hunting ground.
Off topic Any ideas? anyone? For the last 2-3 weeks,everytime I log onto TH, my internet stops working. It has already stopped 4 time in the last 5 min? Then TH comes back up and I have to refresh the story I'm on.After it goes off for a number of times, it stabilizes for awhile,. Is anyone else having this problem.? This happens only when i'm on TH.
I've read quite a few of your post. I may be wrong, but this is not your first complaint about fake cons. There are many valid complaints over the years about Boehner. But since you can't seems to see them, it does not behooves me to point them out. I think I would be wasting my time anyway. Since I'm agreeing to disagreeing w/ you. You do have a point that we should work harder to defeat the left.
Conservatives and republicans are NOT necessarily synonymous. Just because some cons don't have absolutely 110 pucent faith in Boehner like you do does not make them fake.
Trouble is. US is hardly a Godly society anymore. The cancer is spreading.
I eat at the Chick often. I've had a cuppa Starbuck's Joe about 3 times in my lifetime. When the backlash at the Chick started, I went to buy there more often. Since I don't shop at Starbucks, I couldn't care less if they leans so far left that their left shoulder touches the ground.Overpriced coffees of whatever kind is not my cuppa.
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