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Champion of the Middle Class Set to Chill With Hollywood, Hold 25K per Person Fundraiser

Frank98 Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 11:25 PM
It would be funny if it were not so ironic. If Soetoro would somehow come to real power.(US bocomes a marxist dicKtatorship), all these fools would be working for the government at prevailing guvmint dicKtated min wages.All those fine Gollywood mansions would be KonfisKated for the use of the lemmings. Ya know, from each according to his ability to each according to his need thingy. There are none more foolish than fools.

I completely understand presidential campaigns must contain a strong fundraising component. I also understand that it's going to put you in circles of wealth and among people whose lifestyles are anything but the average American's.

Welcome to President Obama's Sunday, as chronicled by the AP:

On Sunday, Obama was holding two fundraisers in Los Angeles. He is also appearing at a small, elite gathering at the home of entertainment mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, where Obama will be joined by former President Bill Clinton. His campaign calls the gathering a "thank you event" for longtime donors.

Obama's main...