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BREAKING: GOP Counters WH Offer on Fiscal Cliff, Embraces Bowles-Simpson Variant

Frank98 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 7:22 PM
Could not get back to you in a timely fashion below. Was having supper w/ the absolute love of my life, the most beautiful girl in the World for whom I'd give my life in a New York second.My 2 yr old grand daughter. This is why I want to get this over w/. No sense passing this down to her and all the other children and grand childrens not yet born. BTW. Boehner will cave.writing/faxing ain't gonna do any good. I'v had my fill of wishy washy pols.

Well, this move by Speaker Boehner doesn't exactly follow my Simpson-Bowles playbook to a tee -- but Erskine Bowles does make an appearance, and Republicans are going on (realistic, reasonable) offense.  In a new letter addressed to the president, House Republican leaders firmly reject the president's non-starter "proposal," pointedly decline to counter with an equally unrealistic wish list, and offer an alternative bipartisan solution: