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Ed Schultz's Wisconsin Campaign

Frank93 Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 9:28 AM
Most of the outside money has poured in from fellow Unionistas panicking at the thought of the loss of all those union dues around the country. Since Walker's reforms, membership in the public employee unions has dropped 54%....that's a pretty huge hit in their DNC Fund Raising Machine...but reflects the real "value" the unions members perceive they receive from the union. 62,000 union members down to 28,000....impressive "win" for Walker! As for recalls, the incumbent has no control over what some rabid special interest might conjure up to oppose him. The proof will be in the election pudding.

Ed Schultz is the kind of shameless liberal hack who can go on air standing in front of screaming labor-union crowds in Madison, Wisc., calling for Gov. Scott Walker's head on a platter, and then turn around and announce that "Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party."

Let's put this canard to rest. In coverage of the leftist effort to drain the taxpayers of Wisconsin for an unnecessary and doomed recall election, Fox looks much more objective than Ed Schultz. There is no question about that.

A new Media Research Center study shows "The Ed Show"...