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Rich656 as a graduate of the U of I, I feel your pain. It was bad decision made on bad advice. We alumni should have stormed the university to protest, but alas the PC morons won out.
Libs heap big stupid
Not a Redskin fan but fight to keep your mascot and name.
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Modern Feminism: A Teenage Boy’s Dream

Frank568 Wrote: 13 hours ago (9:51 AM)
Maybe equality also means that women are sometimes equally responsible for rape when they drink themselves senseless and make it a pattern of free sex until they feel guilty.
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Obama fails History 101

Frank568 Wrote: 13 hours ago (9:48 AM)
obama also, doesn't know much about basic math, basic economics, cooperation, group work, how to work hard and smart--in fact he remains clueless about most things.
And after the positive report it will be downgraded in a couple of weeks when the REAL data is used.
You have her pegged. She is back again spouting useless nonsense.
The only thing which differentiates her from other demos is she slipped up and told the truth.
Defamation are for lies only when it is the truth there are no grounds for a suit.
You are right they need to start putting them in jail starting with lerner and working up to the head.
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