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Chris Matthews: Obama Has Literally Never Done Anything Wrong

Frank568 Wrote: Jun 08, 2013 1:46 PM
I'll admit that is true Chris if you admit he has NEVER done anything period--never really worked, never really qualified for any job, never had any success at a job and remains clueless.

Chris Matthews, thy delusion knows no bounds. In a month where the veritable pileup of scandals resembles an especially bad freeway car accident--indeed, on the heels of the PRISM revelation--Matthews maintains that President Obama is as close to a perfect person as we've seen, potentially since Christ. Behold unrighteous indignation, taken to an illogical extreme:

Listening to Matthews talk about Obama sounds more like teenage apologetics of Justin Bieber than sound political analysis. As far as Matthews is concerned, Obama has li-trelly never done anything legally or ethically questionable, and thus the Right's consternation...