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Following 'Glorious Leader' Over Cliff

Frank473 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 11:04 PM
The so-called fiscal Cliff was coined by the Democrats as a way to scare the American people. Barack Hussein Obama won this past election by a little over 3 million votes.. That is not a mandate that is basically 51% of America want entitlements. Obama has it in his head that all America is with him and no matter how much it harms America how many jobs are destroyed in America he will not leave his plan of mass tax increases for the job creators there is one major reason he is doing this he is not here to help America he is here to punish America for the evil that he thinks his father dreamt of. He is not a well man but America deserves what he gives them.

Well here we are again; same story, different day.  Here is another crisis that our glorious leader and illustrious Congress have brought us to.  Isn’t it predictable that nothing ever gets done in Washington until the eleventh hour and then it is hastily put together and doesn’t really solve anything anyway?

This fiscal cliff nonsense is just the latest chapter where Congress and the President try to make themselves look relevant.  Predictably this is all being blown out of proportion by the media and now that we are only 30 days and counting from a “so-called” disaster,...