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Fiscal Cliff Notes: Part II

Frank473 Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 10:57 PM
The only plan that could possibly save the Republican party is with facts talk about the $250,000 level and how many businesses are between their and $1 million that way they have a record they had facts to show how many of these companies that are essential to the growth of America they need to be say you lost election you have to give him the millionaires but try and save small business

Editor's Note: This column is part II in a series. Part I can be found here.

One of the big advantages that President Obama has, as he plays "chicken" with the Congressional Republicans along the "fiscal cliff," is that Obama is a master of the plausible lie, which will never be exposed by the mainstream media-- nor, apparently, by the Republicans.

A key lie that has been repeated over and over, largely unanswered, is that President Bush's "tax cuts for the rich" cost the government so much lost tax revenue that this added to the budget deficit-- so...