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Ann made the point very clearly: "Obama doesn't want to protect Americans."
For all Democrats rules are simple for the making for other people to follow.
What an idiot.
The New York Times is a liberal newspaper that espouses a liberal philosophy. The words Limbaugh and Jesus on the cover of the book just doesn't make it by any quarter in the New York Times as it is the equivalent of a crucifix to a vampire. .
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Whatever Happened to the Chevy Volt?

Frank354 Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 11:52 AM
While I can not say this is an accurate assessment of the Volt I have spoken to two (2) people that actually owned and were driving a Volt and they both liked the car and one owner stated that he admired the technology built into the vehicle. Maybe the car despite its initial flaws might have received a bad rap from the beginning. I am certainly not a spokesmen for the Volt as I am PO'd about the money I lost from my investment in GM however, the car does fill a segment desired by the public and I would prefer that those individuals who buy an alternative powered vehicle buy one that carries the Chevrolet emblem.
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Lockett & Load

Frank354 Wrote: May 08, 2014 6:37 PM
From my understanding of the crimes committed in reading this article Lockett died very appropriately, slow and with much suffering. Personally I think he should have suffered even longer, and with greater pain, while on this earth but then again what would you expect from a disturbed racist who actually thinks Obama's real goal as president is to destroy the United States.
PETA's man of the year for his care and assistance to starving dogs.
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