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Rand Paul at CPAC: “This Government is Totally Out of Control”

Frank1802 Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 8:39 AM
Rand Paul is quite right this Government is out of control. However the Republicans must bear their share of the blame for the current situation. They have played politics to protect their seats in the House and Senate, they failed in the prime duty of Loyal Opposition, that is to oppose any and all policies which threatens the security and the economy of the nation. They rolled over and played dead and to an extent Boehner is still doing it, these new young turks Paul, Rubio, Cruz, Ryan and others are not just the bright young hopes of the Republican Party but the nation. They are spelling it out and must continue to do so, if the electorate ignore them then they must explain to their children why they have no future.
Truckman Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 11:50 PM
Instead of blaming "The Democrats" or "The Republicans",why don't we name names of individuals who are showing,by their votes,Bills and actions that they are anti-American,and put our efforts towards getting THEM out of OUR Government? There are some very good Conservatives coming to the forefront to step into place as the vacancies open up. Once we have a good start going,it would be worth going after some of the high ranking Traitors for Criminal charges,i.e. Crimes against America,Crimes against the Constitution,Crimes against Other Countries,etc..
JJoe Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 12:12 PM
Well said. But with due respect, open your eyes, my friend. Boehner doesn't roll over and play dead "to an extent." That is what he does all-in, every time. Same with McCain, Graham and others. They feign opposition to Obama for a week or two on this issue or that, so there are a couple confrontational quotes out there in the media. Then, at the appointed time, out come the Obama knee-pads and the mouthwash, and they cave to Obama's demands. Every Single Time. And they seem to quite enjoy it.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul covered a lot of ground today in his CPAC speech. He discussed, among other things, the real reason why he filibustered the president’s nominee for Defense Secretary, the absurdity of giving Egypt $250 million in foreign aid (a country known for burning U.S. flags and for its citizens chanting “death to America!”), the president’s politically-calculated decision to discontinue oh-so-expensive White House tours for America’s school children (even though he has no problem whatsoever subsidizing wasteful and frivolous government pork projects), and the importance of preserving and protecting the Second and Fourth Amendments.

Needless to say, his...