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No Gun Licenses for Marathon Bombers

Frank1802 Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 4:48 AM
This illustrates once again that the danger to America is NOT those legal gun owners who have submitted a permit request and to all the checks and balances that requires. These young men had broken the law BEFORE the bombing and held ILLEGAL firearms. The new Laws being proposed and pushed by Obama and Biden would NOT in any way shape or form have stopped any of this. It is time that these two buffoons, along with Reid, Pelosi and Feinstein et al learned this and stopped posing and posturing.

The AP reports that the men who detonated explosives to kill innocents at the Boston Marathons and later engaged in a shoot-out with police (after shooting an MIT security guard execution-style) didn't have gun permits, according to Massachusetts state police. 

But wait a minute.  I thought a rigorous system for regulating gun permits was supposed to prevent gun violence (that's what Massachusetts state officials insisted upon passing the nation's toughest gun laws back in 1998).  

It's almost as if the Tsarnaev brothers -- terrorists, murderers, carjackers -- had no respect for the (gun) laws . . .