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Exposed: Obama’s Hysterical Reaction to “Sequestration”

Frank1802 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 8:41 AM
The sadness is that two groups, morons and those in receipt of entitlements believe his lies, and yes I did say lies and advisedly so. But I would urge Americans not to lose sight of the way that he is carving up and destroying the Constitution. Thus far he has attacked the 1st; 2nd and 5th Amendments, some idiot Democrat wants to amend the Constitution so that Obama could run for ever. Mark my words left unopposed or unchecked this man and the Democrats will destroy America.

Guy covered this in detail a few days ago, but there’s at least two points worth re-emphasizing: (1) The budget process commonly known as “sequestration” originated in the corridors of the White House, and was signed into law by President Obama himself. Hence, the president’s insistence that Republicans are somehow solely responsible if the negotiations fail -- and the cuts kick in -- is erroneous. (2) The negative consequences of sequestration -- discussed endlessly by this president and his lieutenants -- are exaggerated to a mystifying degree. Yuval Levin blew the lid off Team Obama’s opportunism and endless...