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Mr Frank I wholeheartedly agree with you!! So why pray did you blatantly tell barefaced lies to the people about the state of Fannie and Freddie thereby laying the foundation of the failure of subprime mortgages and presaging the financial collapse which went around the world and caused so much damage. Seems Democrats have a problem with the truth and acknowledging the damage they cause.
This is one of many reasons that spending is out of control, and shows how a significant saving could be made. If this what he does during his time at work then he is not required, this is a direct result of the expansion of Government by Obama and the Democrats. The bigger Government gets the more people it will employ and the greater the burden on the tax payer, until you reach the situation where the NET contributors are outweighed by the NET takers.
To be truly honest you simply couldn't make this stuff up. The Democrats really are unbelievably stupid, Clinton thought giving Russia a red button would actually improve relationships, Pelosi believed that Hamas is a humanitarian organisation and this woman seems to think an anti missile system somehow closes tunnels. Small wonder American Foreign Policy is in tatters.
Yet another individual eviscerated by Megyn Kelly. Listening to this apologist for a convicted cop killer it struck me that she was claiming that the convicted scum bag was not given a trial before a jury of his peers. There were blacks on the jury but because the entire jury wasn't black she claims it was not fair. This to me speaks clearly that this woman is a racist, but is she saying that whites are inferior to blacks, or is she saying blacks are inferior to whites. She used the usual left wing ploy not to answer the question, talk long, loud and at speed whilst ignoring the question. She also ignored Megyns point that a court commuted his Death Sentence to one of life, she also ignored the fact that the killers own brother would not give evidence on his behalf and then slandered the police officers who gave evidence. This is the post racial America of the most Racist President and AG in the History of the USA.
Of course the legalisation of pot leads to increased use by teens, and there are other unintended consequences. To take the increased use by teens, it happens even earlier, just look at the elementary school pupils in Colorado who obtained/took some from their Grandparents stash and sold it to other pupils at their school. And now Denver are admitting that the number of homeless in that city are increasing exponentially because of the availability of pot in that state. Only those who are high, or have had their brain destroyed by this substance can believe otherwise. The other point to remember is that younger brains are more affected than those that are more mature, plus prolonged use of this drug causes paranoia, not to mention the fact that whatever claims may be made by its proponents is a gateway drug.
First she said that most of her speaking fees were donated to charity, now most of her speaking engagements are given for free. Which is it Mrs Clinton, or have you told so many lies that you can no longer remember what is the truth?
I think you will find that George Washington would prefer his incisive and clinical form of questioning focused on the IRS, maybe he could do both since nothing will happen until after the Senate becomes Republican and Obama leaves Office.
This statement by Nunn is not only deeply troubling, but it is also very very racist, just imagine if a Republican had said it!
Two things are required for a deal on Immigration, first for the Republicans to fold, and second for Obama to get his own way on Amnesty. Anything less and Reid will refuse to put it to the vote in the Senate and Obama will veto it, so far as Democrats are concerned it is their way or the highway and THAT includes the one in the White House.
I am 70, and when I was a small boy a relative bought me a book of Hans Anderson stories. One of my favourites was the Emperors New Clothes, if you recall none of the Emperors sychophantic followers had the courage, or sense, to tell him that there was no cloth and that in fact he was naked. Well that is now the situation of Obama and his Administration, everyone in the Administration is insisting that everything is going just great, that the economy is improving, that the world is more peaceful and that America is more loved and respected than ever. Well that is ALL bulls**t, the economy is collapsing, the value of the dollar is plummeting, the world is in meltdown and America is the laughing stock of the world and is in more danger than at any time Bush was President including 9/11. Now I feel like that little boy who asked "why has the Emperor no clothes on?"
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Obama To Go Big on Unilateral Amnesty

Frank1802 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 1:20 PM
If this does not force the reluctant to move for impeachment after November should the Republicans win the Senate then nothing will, because if he does this then quite simply America ceases to exist. There is no other way to put it! It will be the end!
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