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Obama has all but destroyed the America many of us grew up with, be we American or an American ally. America is now a bad joke, she is no longer trusted or respected by her friends, and she is most certainly not feared and respected by her enemies. We see now a President whose word is worthless, who is incapable of making a decision, and when he does (eventually) he is incapable of carrying it through, he has been pushed around by Putin, he has been ignored and treated with contempt by Iran and her Terrorist surrogates and China and North Korea are just waiting to pounce. Meanwhile in the space of a month Obama has played NINE games of Golf and attended half a dozen fund raisers while the middle east is in melt down and the world stands on the brink of WW lll breaking out in Europe. By the way this latter situation started back at his first month in office when he scrapped the missile defence shield in Eastern Europe at Putin's insistence and got nothing in return, from that point on Putin knew he had him. If a Democrat is elected in 2016, especially Clinton or Warren this escalating decline will continue and even accelerate, but even if a Republican, even one as talented in turning things round as Romney it will require much more than two terms to drag America back from the brink. When the world and America needed a strong decisive leader we all got a corrupt, racist, incompetent empty suit!!
Obama says that the US does not have a strategy at present to deal with ISIS, he also says (and this despite the fact that ISIS has stated that it is at war with America and the west) that America is NOT at war with terrorism. He appears not to have heard or fails to understand that whilst it takes two sides to fight a war it also takes two to enter into a peace. All of that said the Saudi King stated today that ISIS will be in Europe in a week and in America in two, someone better tell the moron in the Oval Office because like it or not the west is going to have to fight them and I would rather they were fought there than here!
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Hey Obama, David Cameron Has a Strategy

Frank1802 Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 4:06 AM
Many will be upset by what I am about to write, however I believe it to be not only true but self evident. The problems the UK is experiencing are entirely the fault of Tony Blair, so admired by many Americans, but beware I warned that Obama would do the same to America as Blair did the UK and so it is proving, it could not be otherwise since Obama is pursuing the same policies. Blair declared an open door immigration policy, he expanded entitlements exponentially, he essentially bribed his cronies, he increased debt to the sum total of that of ALL Governments since the founding of the Bank of England over 250 years ago. He achieved devolution by gerrymandering the referenda and tried to say that it would strengthen the Union and now we are faced with its breakup. He treated with terrorists in Ireland, he virtually destroyed Magna Carta and Common Law, as well as ripping our, all be it unwritten, Constitution to shreds. Things can ONLY get worse America, he still has two years to go!!!
I have no desire to sully the memory of this young man, nor do I wish to cause his parents more pain, but why is anyone surprised by this information. Obama dithered over the surge, and when he FINALLY gave the go ahead it was for a much reduced force to that requested by the Generals. He dithered over going after Bin Ladin but finally gave the go ahead. He threatened Syria with a red line, yet when Assad not only moved his chemical weapons but used them, he dithered and finally backed off. He made threats over the Russian invasion of Crimea, dithered and in the end gave Putin the time he needed to take it over then backed down. This is his pattern of behaviour, he had the opportunity to go in and rescue this young man, dithered and in the end did nothing, this is the Obama Presidency!
Here you see exposed for all to see the depths to which Democrats will stoop. They know that many people will not vote for someone who is the subject of an on going case or answering an indictment. They are not concerned about whether the indictment is valid it is enough for the man in the street that it has been deemed appropriate to indict. Knowing this the Democrats file frivolous complaints against every strong viable Republican candidate whilst refusing to even consider the massive corruption on their side of the aisle. There is a litany of such action, Scott Walker, Chris Christy and now Governor Perry. Yet they refuse to indict for clear violations by Obama, Holder, Lerner, Reid, Pelosi and more. It stinks and it is time that the ordinary American wake up and vote this nest of corruption out of office and claim the Republic back!
This situation will only get worse, as has every thing else in the Middle East thanks to Obama. Just look at what has happened thanks to his interference. He forces then President Mubarak to step down, riots and mayhem ensue with thousands of deaths, and Egypt has yet to settle down, so was born the Arab Spring. Next he intervenes in Libya and it becomes an Islamist hot bed and the American Ambassador is murdered along with three other Americans and it is suspected that weapons supplied to Libya have found their way to Syria. He refuses to supply secular rebels in Syria and ISIS is born spreading to Iraq, Lebanon and threatening Jordan. He orders a few bombing strikes and declare the humanitarian crisis in Iraq over while thousands remain on the mountain without adequate cover and without food and water, but because HE says it is over we are expected to believe him. Meanwhile Iran continues to build a bomb and we are supposed to be happy. Whatever he may say it was he that withdrew ALL American troops creating a vacuum which is being filled by Iran, Russia and ISIS. At the same time thanks to his inaction the situation in Crimea and Ukraine continues to spiral out of control getting ever nearer to all out war, because Putin believes, rightly in my opinion, that he can push Obama around. The greatest danger at present to world peace and security is Barak Hussein Obama!
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The New York Times's Amnesty Lies

Frank1802 Wrote: Aug 11, 2014 11:16 AM
Clearly the New York Times has no more idea of what is in the Constitution says than the supposed Constitutional Lawyer currently in Martha's Vineyard. It is the duty of the President to ensure that the Law, whether he agrees with it or not is enforced, it is NOT in the Presidential perview to write new Law or enforce a Law which does not exist. The Times wishes it were so, so says that it is, the Times wants amnesty so says that a President who agrees with their lawless agenda can ride rough shod over both the Law AND the Constitution. I personally believe that for political reasons Obama is trying to goad Republicans into impeachment in order to punish them at the Polls, they must resist the temptation.
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A Crisis of Confidence

Frank1802 Wrote: Aug 11, 2014 4:04 AM
The hubris of this President and his ideological allies in the Democrat Party knows no bounds. They have no crisis of confidence, both they and Obama actually believe that he is right on every count and this despite the evidence which those in the real world can plainly see. Indeed many have seen the writing on the wall from the first year, personally I saw it before the election result was called, I know that sounds like hubris on my part but it is true. I am British and was in the US for the 2008 campaign, listening to Obama, apart from the accent, was like listening to Tony Blair in 1997. Obama was all change and yes we can, Blair was all it can only get better. The Blair Government built up a debt equal to the sum total of debt of EVERY Government since the founding of the Bank of England 250 years ago, Obama followed the same economic policies and has virtually destroyed America's economy. The signs were there in his speeches regarding increasing taxes, replacing the Healthcare system, increasing regulation, he actually told you that under his plan the cost of energy would necessarily sky rocket. Despite the fact that America as an industrial nation needs lots of cheap energy to function he is forcing carbon based power plants to close and shutting down the coal mines while refusing to exploit fuel sources on the North American Continent. He is trying to force America to use untried, unproven, unworkable sources of "green renewable energy" which is also prohibitively expensive. Then there was his much publicised and early statement that he would remove ALL troops from both Iraq and Afghanistan, giving the enemy time to prepare to take over again. He was warned months ago about ISIS but did nothing, and even now he his response is too little too late, meanwhile Christians and non militant muslims are being slaughtered and he refuses to arm the Kurds, the one force whic appears able to withstand the inexorable advance of ISIS. Every decision he has made has been wrong, and yet even as the world, and particularly the Middle East, is falling apart around us he is reducing America's Military to a level not seen since pre 1939. Such is this man's hubris no matter who is in the room he believes he is the smartest one in it, and he has the unthinking mindless support of morons like Reid, Pelosi and others of the Democrat Leadership, unless these are removed in November America, and possibly the rest of the free world are in extreme peril.
Flattus, just so that you know, ISIS did not exist 6 years ago, they have come directly out of the Syrian debacle which Obama made worse by threatening action and doing nothing. Obama was warned and did nothing, and this emergency has arisen because of his inaction and dithering. The entire debacle is a result of the incompetence and ineptitude of this Administration, it has NOTHING to do with the previous Administration.
Obama was warned months ago of the impending threat not only to the region but to region but to the world at large which ISIS posed. He did nothing, they spread from Syria into Iraq, now they have spread into Lebanon and Jordan is now under threat, and the entire region is about to implode. Now finally Obama is making a move, but as Dick5450 says, too little too late. Whilst the humanitarian aid is welcome just how is he going to guarantee the distribution of the food and water to those in need without boots on the ground, and does he think ISIS would allow aid workers on the mountain unscathed. Then there is his statement regarding air assaults which he says will be of a limited nature. He has been urged for weeks certainly, perhaps months to apply devastating force from the air to decimate this evil force but he wanted to "consider". He warned Syria and did nothing which is why we are where we are now. these cannot be token attacks the MUST be devastating in their nature or America will be portrayed as weaker and more ineffective than it is now, and the region in even more danger.
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Has John McCain Lost His Mind?

Frank1802 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 8:51 AM
Much as I respect and honour Senator McCain for his service to his country I fear that he has lost the plot!
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