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Regretably the ONLY outcome which will satisfy this deeply racist President, his even more racist A/G, Sharpton, Jackson and the tribal instincts of the Back community in Ferguson is the conviction and sentencing to death of the Police Officer. They will ALL continue to demand this whatever the evidence, but they are quite happy for the convicted killer of a Philadelphia Police Officer to lecture students and for the Lawyer who ha pushed for his release to be put forward for a high ranking post in the D o J. Tells you all you need to know about the Obama regime!
No he isn't he is destroying a once great nation!
I watched this interview and he left Obama, Rice and the whole Administration as well as the MSM absolutely nowhere to hide. If anyone now votes for any Democrat then they are complicit in condoning lying to the American people, a rigged election in 2012 and the murder of four brave Americans. The Administration and the Democrat Party as a whole should hang their heads in shame, they wont of course because the have no sense of shame!
So is the import of tis ruling that Liberal Progressives who favour abortion, gay marriage and other things which offend conservatives and christians should leave their beliefs at home also for fear of offending those who think differently??
Udall and the rest of the environmental fascists need to take a reality check. No-one is saying that climate change is not a reality, most will contend however that it is purely man made. The incontravertable fact is that it has been proven by research in the Antarctic from bore holes into the ice that climate change has been happening for millenia, long before the internal combustion engine and man existed and used carbon producing fuel. It is time for the good of everyone that the hypocrisy stopped, and that these fascists admitted that their solutions a) are too expensive for the ordinary person and b) do not work effectively. Vote Udall out!!
Hickenlooper, in common with Obama, Holder, and others on the Left of the Democrat Party (and not even the far left) is intent on severely limiting your firsts and second degree rights. Re-elect this man and just as post 2012 and the re-election of the coward in chief in the WH you WILL lose more of your freedom, liberty and Constitutional Rights. Vote him out of office!!
All that has happened Mr Axelrod is that for once in his miserable life Obama has told the truth. That said he needn't have bothered since it is self evident to a first grader that like it or not voters will be expressing their opinion of his total failure, ineptitude, incompetence, failure and corruption whether he admits to it or not.
The bottom line is that those Westerners, be they American, British or European, who have volunteered to fight for ISIS should have their passports revoked and barred from re-entry to their country of residence. What they have done is to declare war on their own nation, this amounts to Treason. I would therefore only allow their return in chains to face trial for treason and face whatever punishment their nation metes out, what the FBI Chief suggests is in itself treasonous and he should be removed from office, he is failing in his duty and the obligation of his oath of office "to protect the nation and constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC".
The President lies, the VP lies, the AG lies, Left leaning Bureaucrats lie (see IRS) and most Democrats in Congress lie so why shouldn't this woman. As a Democrat it is part of her DNA.
So let me get this straight. If I take the IRS Commissioners remark literally if I am arrested for a crime I have an absolute defence if I tell the arresting Officer that I complied with the Law so far as I was able but that sadly I found myself having to break it as I was unable to obey it. Is that right?
What I want to know is why the "teacher" is still employed?
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