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Such is the abject political and moral cowardice of the Democrats they are abandoning Obama's Ideological dictates in droves endangering his so called legacy. The only thing which they have not lined up against is Obamacare itself, and even he is actively undermining that himself. The whole leftist conspiracy is beginning to unravel from within, all that is needed is for Republicans and conservatives to hold their nerve and stand firm. It may yet not be too late to save the Republic.
But in 2008 you hated and were ashamed of us! Other than the fact that we are now keeping you all in the lap of luxury, and funding innumerable vacations through our taxes, what has changed?
If you are looking for someone to blame look in the mirror, the failure of the electorate to give Republicans a mandate in the Senate has meant, and continues to mean, that whatever the House decides to do Reid and the traitors in the Democrat caucus in the Senate can block. Additionally Obama will veto any such Bill and who elected him? Oh yes that would be you too!
I hope, fervently, that Harry Reid either refuses to put this to a vote or ramrods his Senators to vote it down. If he does either, or Obama vetoes it then that will be the final nail in the coffin of the Democrat Senate, increase Republican control in the House and make Obama the lamest of lame duck Presidents. This Bill must be given the widest possible publicity as should the outcome of the Senate vote!
Ignore for a moment the ultimate fate of these brothers and the corrupt acts of this Administration on their behalf. Would someone please correct me IF I am wrong, and I know the Left will even if I am right, but isn't this the President who in a State of the Union speech castigated the Supreme Court Justices for allowing election finance from big business. Didi he not say that their ruling would allow massive donations from foreign entities thereby allowing foreign influence to determine American Elections. Hypocrisy or what. And while we are on the subject of hypocrisy, the Left keep saying that voter ID amounts to voter suppression. Well I guess they are right, since a woman in Detroit of African American origin would have been prevented from voting. The only thing is she has voted in the last several elections and her mummified body has been discovered in a house in that city. Along with the African American voting official from Cleveland now serving a sentence for voter fraud, voter fraud really does exist!!
When this Act went before the Supreme Court the Administration argued that the individual mandate was integral to and necessary for the implementation of the ACA. It was on the basis of the Mandate that the Court ruled in favour of the Administration. Now we discover that Obama has DECREED that without offering any evidence of hardship all that is needed to gain a waiver is for the individual to sign a declaration to the effect that to be subject to the mandate would cause hardship. This raises two possibilities for me. 1) The Administration, and the President in particular, had no clue as to the implications of the Mandate and that it was, in fact NOT necessary for the implementation of the Act (a premise, given the way this has been enacted and implemented, I can quite accept and believe). 2) That in order to get the Court to rule in it's favour the Administration knowingly and deliberately committed perjury by lying, via the Solicitor General. This must a) result in a prosecution for perjury, b) result in the impeachment of the President, given that both Nixon AND Clinton were impeached NOT for the act but for the lies they employed to mislead and obfuscate. In this case it is particularly egregious given that the facts were distorted, along with the IRS, NSA and Benghazi in order to secure an election result.
First may I ask if you are eligible to vote? If so that is a terrifying prospect given your obvious ignorance of the Constitution, Obama has had his two terms, Constitutionally he CANNOT stand in 2016. Your ignorance regarding this fundamental point demonstrates why you support Obamacare, you are stupid!!
And this Mr President and Mr Secretary of State is precisely why there will never be peace in the Holy Land. Israel has agreed to a Palestinian State but no Islamist state or nation has agreed that Israel has a right to exist, and has attacked it multiple times.
Palestine was actually a creation of the League of Nations which asked Britain to Administer it. Britain has been responsible for many things over the years but Palestine is not one of them!
Obama is not invested in getting another Democrat elected to the White House when he leaves office, he IS invested in trying not to become a lame duck with no hope of furthering his socialist agenda. This is a very real possibility, which will men that to get anything done he will have to revert to his pen and his 'phone, that, if Republicans have the guts will lay him open to impeachment. Meanwhile drive home the message and get the Democrats out of the Senate.
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Lois Lerner Talks to DOJ

Frank1802 Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 9:02 AM
It is the Nuremberg Defence used by Nazis in 1946, it did not work then because they had lost power and control, it will, at least until the Democrats lose control work here because it enables Obama.
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