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Those who are telling Israel to back off aught to remember, or be reminded, what exactly happened the last time that Jews didn't resist. There were ghettos, death camps and 6 million went to the gas chambers. That is the result of passivity, and let it be remembered that the avowed intent of Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, oh and lets not forget Iran, to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and kill ALL Jews wherever found. Israel is fully justified in defending itself and should indeed MUST continue to do so.
All he has ever been interested in from day one has been unlimited Golf on the best courses, flash holidays at the Tax Payers expense, and the unlimited use of Airforce One. Not to mention the lavish life style he has thanks to the man in the street.
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The Lie Behind DACA's Legal Defense

Frank1802 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 1:42 PM
A good first move would be to deport immediately any illegal convicted of a criminal offence within the US, instead of just letting them go!
Page 261 from Obama's book The Audacity of hope. Obama wrote "I will stand with the Muslims should the political wind shift in an ugly direction". It cannot be clearer than that! His words from his book!!!
"When the Jews are all dead, they will find another group to hate and focus on eliminating them." I have a news flash for you Hamilcar, they already have, they are called the West and Christians. Have you been sleeping while the Christians in Mosul, the oldest Christian community in the world have been forced, on pain of death to convert or get out and some have been beheaded and crucified. And just what has Obama been doing? He is silent on the persecution and slaughter of Iraqi Christians, and is still "considering" his reaction to ISIS. The man, if you can call him that is a waste of space and a danger to the civilised world, Obama that is.
Obama has NEVER known what his job was and NEVER concentrated on what NEEDED to be done. First in an attempt to fool, at least the ill informed and ideologues, he was doing something about jobs and the economy he threw $1 trillion and paid not attention to where it went or what it achieved. Then he concentrated all of his attention and political capital at his ACA, in doing so he destroyed the American Healthcare system, increased its costs, reduced the amount of care. I would have thought that even someone as numerically challenged as Obama would have realised that you cannot INCREASE the number of people treated AND reduce the overall cost at the same time. In his attempt to do so he has added to the debt, and reduced choice and availability. Now he does not have the votes in the House, will shortly (God willing) lose control of the Senate and then he will resort to more illegal and unconstitutional executive orders. America is in a mess I just hope it is not in terminal decline, though if you read Gibbons "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" it just may be!
There are more than enough lying Democrats in Washington between the White House and Congress so he should stand aside. That said he probably wont and we can look forward to Wasserman Schultz explaining how he didn't cheat he simply, well mis-spoke.
This is typical behaviour of the Left. In the UK, where a recovery is now underway thanks to the fiscally responsible policies of the Tory Conservative Party Labour, the British equivalent of the Democrats, are busy trying to blame the present Government for the pain the electorate are enduring. However, and this is where the parallel with the US is, Labour when in power wracked up a debt equal to the sum total of the debt accrued by all Governments since the founding of the Bank of England. The fact is that no Left Wing Government has ever met a problem which they did not believe could not be solved by throwing money at it, and they all believe in mass voter bribery. Obama is no different.
Democrats should be wary of bringing up equal pay, because someone may just ask why the Obama White House has a larger pay gap than the rest of America, could it be that it is they who have been waging a war on women? Just asking you understand!
Mr Frank I wholeheartedly agree with you!! So why pray did you blatantly tell barefaced lies to the people about the state of Fannie and Freddie thereby laying the foundation of the failure of subprime mortgages and presaging the financial collapse which went around the world and caused so much damage. Seems Democrats have a problem with the truth and acknowledging the damage they cause.
This is one of many reasons that spending is out of control, and shows how a significant saving could be made. If this what he does during his time at work then he is not required, this is a direct result of the expansion of Government by Obama and the Democrats. The bigger Government gets the more people it will employ and the greater the burden on the tax payer, until you reach the situation where the NET contributors are outweighed by the NET takers.
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