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The bottom line is that those Westerners, be they American, British or European, who have volunteered to fight for ISIS should have their passports revoked and barred from re-entry to their country of residence. What they have done is to declare war on their own nation, this amounts to Treason. I would therefore only allow their return in chains to face trial for treason and face whatever punishment their nation metes out, what the FBI Chief suggests is in itself treasonous and he should be removed from office, he is failing in his duty and the obligation of his oath of office "to protect the nation and constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC".
The President lies, the VP lies, the AG lies, Left leaning Bureaucrats lie (see IRS) and most Democrats in Congress lie so why shouldn't this woman. As a Democrat it is part of her DNA.
So let me get this straight. If I take the IRS Commissioners remark literally if I am arrested for a crime I have an absolute defence if I tell the arresting Officer that I complied with the Law so far as I was able but that sadly I found myself having to break it as I was unable to obey it. Is that right?
What I want to know is why the "teacher" is still employed?
Obama may be afraid to call Islamist Terrorism what it is, and he may be afraid to confront them in actual battle BUT by God he will pursue and harass a bunch of Nuns to the end of time. Tells you all you need to know about him, his ethics and his religious beliefs.
All this information does is confirm just how corrupt this Administration really is, and we did not need this to tell us what we already knew. The entire rotten crew including Elijah Cummings, Lewis, Pelosi and Reid must be indicted either now or the moment the Republicans take back the Senate!
No, they are all stoned out of their skulls on legalised pot. How long before they do the same with our drugs? Not long I fancy.
Oh but he has admitted it. Megyn Kelly on her show played at least two clips, one dating back to 2007 in which he stated that he wanted to diminish American influence, indeed in one hw waxes lyrical on how once he was inaugurated the world would view America differently and would be a more peaceful place. He even went so far as to say that the Muslim world would be friendlier toward America because they knew he was inclined toward them and they knew he had grown up in a Muslim Country. He actually believes that he is the healer of the world though he has no idea how he will achieve it, nor does he recognise his total abject failure nor his incompetence or ineptitude. He is a danger to the free world, and the Muslim world and Russia now recognise they can push him around because he is fatally indecisive!
Obama has all but destroyed the America many of us grew up with, be we American or an American ally. America is now a bad joke, she is no longer trusted or respected by her friends, and she is most certainly not feared and respected by her enemies. We see now a President whose word is worthless, who is incapable of making a decision, and when he does (eventually) he is incapable of carrying it through, he has been pushed around by Putin, he has been ignored and treated with contempt by Iran and her Terrorist surrogates and China and North Korea are just waiting to pounce. Meanwhile in the space of a month Obama has played NINE games of Golf and attended half a dozen fund raisers while the middle east is in melt down and the world stands on the brink of WW lll breaking out in Europe. By the way this latter situation started back at his first month in office when he scrapped the missile defence shield in Eastern Europe at Putin's insistence and got nothing in return, from that point on Putin knew he had him. If a Democrat is elected in 2016, especially Clinton or Warren this escalating decline will continue and even accelerate, but even if a Republican, even one as talented in turning things round as Romney it will require much more than two terms to drag America back from the brink. When the world and America needed a strong decisive leader we all got a corrupt, racist, incompetent empty suit!!
Obama says that the US does not have a strategy at present to deal with ISIS, he also says (and this despite the fact that ISIS has stated that it is at war with America and the west) that America is NOT at war with terrorism. He appears not to have heard or fails to understand that whilst it takes two sides to fight a war it also takes two to enter into a peace. All of that said the Saudi King stated today that ISIS will be in Europe in a week and in America in two, someone better tell the moron in the Oval Office because like it or not the west is going to have to fight them and I would rather they were fought there than here!
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Hey Obama, David Cameron Has a Strategy

Frank1802 Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 4:06 AM
Many will be upset by what I am about to write, however I believe it to be not only true but self evident. The problems the UK is experiencing are entirely the fault of Tony Blair, so admired by many Americans, but beware I warned that Obama would do the same to America as Blair did the UK and so it is proving, it could not be otherwise since Obama is pursuing the same policies. Blair declared an open door immigration policy, he expanded entitlements exponentially, he essentially bribed his cronies, he increased debt to the sum total of that of ALL Governments since the founding of the Bank of England over 250 years ago. He achieved devolution by gerrymandering the referenda and tried to say that it would strengthen the Union and now we are faced with its breakup. He treated with terrorists in Ireland, he virtually destroyed Magna Carta and Common Law, as well as ripping our, all be it unwritten, Constitution to shreds. Things can ONLY get worse America, he still has two years to go!!!
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