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While you are digesting this, consider the recent "agreement" the great one and the Chinese Government, yet another blow to American jobs and economy. In this agreement Obama agreed to increase the reduction of American carbon emissions from 17% to 25%, but for their part China said they would continue to increase their emissions until 2030 at which point they will CONSIDER reducing theirs. This means that China will continue to open a new Coal Powered plant every week for the next 15 years giving her access to more cheap energy an essential to an economic and profitable manufacturing base. However America has been handcuffed by this President to have LESS access to such energy and to have to use ineffective, inefficient and excessively expensive so called Green Energy which is unreliable. This will mean fewer jobs, shrinking markets and a failing economy with, as he promised during his 2008 campaign, the cost of energy necessarily sky rocketing. Meanwhile he continues to increase the power of the EPA regulators which will make American industry and business less efficient and competitive, he really does want to destroy America.
I have watched Bernard Whitman many times, the man is a liar and a slug. What is more he shares another failing of the committed Left, that is when you are losing the argument you turn up the volume and speak more quickly and do not let the other side put their position or be heard by those they wish to inform. If this man were to tell you that it was raining you would be well advised to step outside and check for yourself because he cannot be trusted and this exchange with Megyn proves it beyond doubt!
The reason for this attack on the character of the Israeli PM is purely because unlike Obama he has the courage to call out the Islamists, and call Islamic Terror what it is. And unlike Obama he is not a closet Muslim, even if Obama is not ashamed of himself America should be ashamed of their President AND of the fact that they elected him.
America please take note of the words this slime ball used. He did not say he regretted the FACT that he Indicted Rozen, but rather he regretted the LANGUAGE used in the indictment. Now in Sharyl Atkisson's new book we discover that files were removed and new files substituted even as she watched her computer screen, this happened while she was working on two stories (one relating to Benghazi) which would be damaging to the Administration. So much for being the most open and transparent Administration ever, it IS in fact the most opaque, corrupt, incompetent and inept as well as racist in the entire history of the US and it is the American people who will pay the price for generations to come!!
Regretably the ONLY outcome which will satisfy this deeply racist President, his even more racist A/G, Sharpton, Jackson and the tribal instincts of the Back community in Ferguson is the conviction and sentencing to death of the Police Officer. They will ALL continue to demand this whatever the evidence, but they are quite happy for the convicted killer of a Philadelphia Police Officer to lecture students and for the Lawyer who ha pushed for his release to be put forward for a high ranking post in the D o J. Tells you all you need to know about the Obama regime!
No he isn't he is destroying a once great nation!
I watched this interview and he left Obama, Rice and the whole Administration as well as the MSM absolutely nowhere to hide. If anyone now votes for any Democrat then they are complicit in condoning lying to the American people, a rigged election in 2012 and the murder of four brave Americans. The Administration and the Democrat Party as a whole should hang their heads in shame, they wont of course because the have no sense of shame!
So is the import of tis ruling that Liberal Progressives who favour abortion, gay marriage and other things which offend conservatives and christians should leave their beliefs at home also for fear of offending those who think differently??
Udall and the rest of the environmental fascists need to take a reality check. No-one is saying that climate change is not a reality, most will contend however that it is purely man made. The incontravertable fact is that it has been proven by research in the Antarctic from bore holes into the ice that climate change has been happening for millenia, long before the internal combustion engine and man existed and used carbon producing fuel. It is time for the good of everyone that the hypocrisy stopped, and that these fascists admitted that their solutions a) are too expensive for the ordinary person and b) do not work effectively. Vote Udall out!!
Hickenlooper, in common with Obama, Holder, and others on the Left of the Democrat Party (and not even the far left) is intent on severely limiting your firsts and second degree rights. Re-elect this man and just as post 2012 and the re-election of the coward in chief in the WH you WILL lose more of your freedom, liberty and Constitutional Rights. Vote him out of office!!
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