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Hamas will continue to win the PR war all the time the Leftist Broadcasters and MSM allow it to continue making these statements and allegations unchallenged.
Yes, and we in Britain responded with carpet bombing which slaughtered thousands of Germans, as a British National I think Israel is showing remarkable restraint under the circumstances.
Mrs Bachmann may be right in what she says regarding the chatter about men, but only on the Right. On the Left the talk is all about will it be Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, no men appear to be on the horizon except Joe Biden and he can be discounted. There are two women on the Right which are worth considering, Mrs Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Both would be better for America than Obama has been and infinitely better than Clinton or Warren, because they will continue to drive the Obama agenda, especially Warren.
You should be backing this Senator rather than mocking him. Unlike Harry Reid, who panders solely to his family and allies and seeking preferential treatment for himself, THIS Senator has said to the court we [in Congress] should NOT be treated any differently to the people who elected us and whom we SERVE. Democrats never seem to get it they are not the boss we the people employ them they work for us.
Here you see why Harry Reid changed, unconstitutionally, the rules concerning the Republicansconfirmation process for the Senate. Obama has rushed to confirm three politically biased individuals to this very court, because this is the court which decides most cases of a political import in Washington. If they decide when it comes back that the full court should hear it then it will be a stacked court who will act in the way the Senate and Congress acted when this was passed initially. Republicans had better win the Senate or the Political gerrymandering will continue.
It would but we both know that is NEVER going to happen. Further GW argued to return to the White House but his staff and security detai refused to allow it, what he did NOT do was to go on a fund raiser, and he stopped playing Golf whilst people he had put in harms way were still in that situation. Obama seems to play at least twice a week and after Benghazi - fund raiser in Las Vegas, after border invasion - two fund raisers in Texas but no visit to the border, MH 17 shot down two fund raisers in New York. Says it all really.
He has not changed his schedule quite simply because that would expose the fact that he has no clue what the heck to do next!
This is not the first time this has happened, Brian Taylor was murdered by them using weapons provided by Eric Holder, a Federales Helicopter flew over Texas unchallenged and fired on Border Patrols now this. But you have to understand that according to Obama, Biden, Reid and Pelosi the border is secure, just how secure is a national border when the territory and the people are fired on and overflown by the neighbouring state. This , if for no other reason, is the reason that the National Guard should be mobilised to the border, and if there is another such incident they should respond with deadly force.
Noddy and Big Ears (Enid Blyton characters) could do a better job than these two, why do they keep getting caught on hot mics?
This proves once again that this Administration (and most Democrats) are incompetent and inept plus they are totally disconnected from the real world. As if to prove my contention, even as tens of thousands simply cross the border and demand to be cared for Harry Reid stands on Capitol Hill and tells all of America that the border is secure. The man is either deluded, suffering from dementia or just plain lying to the American people!
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