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Look, every top 10 list is going to be somewhat arbitrary - but there's no room in the top 8 for hanging Shakil Afridi out to dry in a Pakistani prison for 33 years? You want credit for a "Gutsy Call" but you won't go to the mat for the doctor that helped us nail OBL?? As an aside, have you seen the gutsy call photo from the situation room? No hints now, but can you point to the smallest, least presidental person in that pic?
For those new to the comment section: SaraHigglesby = Liberal poser - doesn't understand that in order to appear as a convincing conservative, step 1 is to leave behind her racism. MC2521 = Valor thief with level zero typing / grammar skills Linda2808 = Soros Seminar Spammer
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If Obama Had a Son

Frank172 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 7:04 AM
You sir, ARE the internet! Troll on, my good man.
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